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Aquarius season has arrived, and with it, a desire to celebrate our own inner weirdo! If you want to talk about the Aquarius traits in a nutshell, here they are: this is a sign that CELEBRATES what is strange, eccentric or offbeat about their personalities.

Their version of hell is blending in with the crowd, so Aquarians usually differentiate themselves in quirky ways. They are open-minded and free-spirited, so they champion the underdog or the odd one out. You won’t get judged by an Aquarius for letting your freak flag fly!  As the sign ruling over humanity, Aquarians can be especially altruistic and compassionate for their fellow brethren.

Aquarius can be a bit detached in their interpersonal relationships. It may seem at times that they are more concerned about humanity as a whole than the humans the closest to them! 

They are an interesting blend of innovation and tradition, with their modern ruler being eccentric Uranus and their traditional ruler austere Saturn. As forward-thinking and innovative as they are, they can be surprisingly rigid and stubborn.


Aquarius Traits


Aquarians uphold themselves and the rest of humanity to high standards that make sense to them. As an air Sign, they use logic to relate to the world around them and may react blank-faced to elaborate displays of emotion. Note that this is not their primary way of moving through the world. This forward-thinking sign can sometimes be ahead of their time. They have a sixth sense for how humanity is developing.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t have the Sun in Aquarius, you might still demonstrate some of these traits, depending on your Birth Chart. Do you know the areas of your life that are impacted by Aquarius?


Aquarius Traits: Their Love Language

With Saturn as their traditional ruler, Aquarians don’t enter Partnerships lightly. In fact, when they like someone, they are often a bit cool. They’ll start off with a Friendship initially, getting to know the person before making any sort of commitments. That’s because once they do commit, they are incredibly devoted. As the sign of friendship, they typically move slowly to more than that, so they likely won’t make a move right away. They’ll show you they care via their friendship and with long talks with you. Even once you’ve entered a relationship with them, they won’t be super clingy. They have many interests, and their friends are paramount to them. This is why they’ll want a relationship where they have the independence to do their own thing.  

Despite the fact Valentine’s Day falls during their Season, this is not the warmest, fuzziest sign. Aquarius may turn up their noses as the traditional idea of flowers, chocolates and bubble baths. They show their romanticism in offbeat, unusual ways.

They’ll adore you for all of your eccentricities and quirks. They are not interested in cookie-cutter personalities in their relationships – anything but! Showing off your weird side will get them to love you more.


Gift Ideas based on Aquarius Traits

  • Aquarians are all about their friends! Plan a surprise birthday party at a roller skating rink to get their people all together!
  • Aquarius loves the newest technology, so gift the water bearer in your life some wacky new technological invention
  • Those born with an emphasis on Aquarius in their charts have active minds that love to dream of the possibilities. Gift them a book about aliens, conspiracy theories or science fiction!
  • Make the Aquarius in your life smile by getting their an off-the-wall gift from the As Seen as TV infomercials! 


We find Aquarians very outgoing and easy going and the kind of people that keep us going. If you feel the same, perhaps you should look for some new Friends, in the App!


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