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Aries Traits

With the onset of Spring Equinox, it is officially the season of the RAM! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries symbolizes the first spark of life. They channel all of the enthusiastic, impulsive energy of youth. Their zest for life is contagious to all who are around them. Aries may lack foresight from time to time, getting so excited about the possibility that they jump in rather than thinking it over. This is an action-oriented sign – just as the sign STARTS spring, they have an endless desire to start new things. This can give them quite a “green is greener” syndrome, where once they start something, they feel the desire to initiate something else rather than complete it. However, when they are able to keep their focus, they can make things happen.

ries is the sign of self, so authenticity resonates deeply within their bones. Aries can’t help but be themselves, which makes them so freeing to be around! They are exactly who they say they are and they say exactly what they are thinking…which may get the rams in trouble from time to time! Most of the time, however, their honesty is refreshing and they inspire others around them to drop the mask and be upfront about their inner selves. With Mars as their ruling planet, Aries has an inner fierceness, competitiveness and strength. They do best in situations when they are able to be self-sufficient and independent, as they feel most empowered when they are able to handle tasks on their own. Aries operates off pure passion, action and spontaneity, so when they are really fired up, NO ONE can get in their way!




Aries Love Language

With Mars as Aries’ ruling planet, Aries loves some passion for their romance. The nature of Mars is to conquer and to pursue, so when flirting, they want a little bit of a chase. Playing hard to get will be more successful with Aries than other signs because if getting a date with you is too easy, they’ll lose interest and set their sights on another conquest. Once you’ve captured the ram heart though, don’t let that banter go! As Aries symbolizes youth in the zodiac wheel, think of your elementary school crushes – when you liked someone, you teased them a little bit. So infuse your relationship with that sort of light, flirty competitiveness, perhaps by challenging them to a round of foosball, an action video game or a date at the arcade. 

Spontaneity is essential to an Aries, so they need someone who can keep up with them. Say yes to the impulsive ideas that come in their head and jump in right away – your ram is looking for an adventure partner.  Keep that sense of novelty to the relationship to keep their beginning-oriented minds things to focus upon. Try new restaurants, integrate new activities and play games to keep that sense of newness alive in the union. Your Aries will show you they care by standing up for you (directing that Mars-like anger to protect you!), wanting to experience new things for you and by making life an adventure with you. Action is the name of the game, so keep pace with them, try new things with them, and never let the light, fun and playfulness to your union go! 


Aries Gift Ideas

  • Purchase your Aries a gift card to go axe throwing – they love competitive challenges! 
  • Get your Aries some red clothing or nail polish to give a homage to their ruling planet, Mars
  • Aries love thrills – plan a day at an amusement park so they can ride the roller coasters
  • Celebrate your Aries by gifting their kickboxing gifts – they’ll love a space where they can funnel their seemingly boundless energy!


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