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👉 A guide for generating & interpreting Birth Charts and Compatibility Insights


Did you know? That in addition to finding new potential Connections, you can Manually Calculate your Birth Charts Compatibility – Synastry with your loved ones even if they aren’t on NUiT? 👏🏽 And it’s all for free!

All you have to do is download NUiT App ⭐ go to “My NUiT” Tab and click on “Add Person” Symbol on the  top left of the Screen. Select “Manual Calculation” and you are all set!🙌🏽

With this power though…comes great responsibility.


👉 Here are the DOs & DON’Ts, especially if they are new to Astrology.


📍DON’T – trick them into giving you their birth time

There’s all sorts of sneaky ways to get someone’s birth time out of them if you’re curious about running your charts together. However, as the astrology lover you are, you know just how much information a birth chart reveals.

To get that information without their direct consent is unethical. Ask them forthright.

👍 DO – Establish your purpose for asking for their birth time

Just say something along the lines of “hey, there’s this cool app NUiT where we can calculate your Birth Chart & our Compatibility. Would you be open to that?”

You can also go into detail on how much information a birth chart reveals, such as their emotional world, their romantic style, their work ethic and more so they know what they are consenting to reveal.


📍DON’T – Rely on sun sign compatibility

Just because your loved one is a Cancer and you’re a Pisces, does not mean you are necessarily compatible. Sun sign astrology is just ONE piece of the pie, and you could be seriously downplaying the potential of a connection with someone by just looking at the isolated piece.

👍 DO – Enter their birth information on NUiT to get accurate insights

There are so many other factors when it comes to Astrology to consider. NUiT’s complex calculation uses each parties’ Saturn, Ascendant, Composite Charts, Venus, Imum Coeli, North Node, Midheaven, Mars, Vertex, Descendant and South Node, so you can be sure it’s a big picture vision at your connection. 


📍DON’T – Use generalizations when describing their chart to them 

Try to refrain from comments such as “Oh you’re a Leo moon, that means you’re selfish!” It is a sacred job to enlighten someone on their chart. If you lead from a judgemental lens, they are likely to push away the concept of Astrology altogether.

👍 DO – Tell them what you learned about their chart in an empowering way. 

Being the first person to tell someone their birth chart is a tremendous honor! Make sure to lead with how they can work with the energy and the wonderful things in their Chart, rather than starting by shading them.


📍DON’T – Break up just because you have a low score in one or more categories. 

Astrology is meant to be enlightening, not determining. That means that the information cannot determine whether or not you should be with someone; It can only  capture the potentials and the opportunities you have with these individuals. Additionally, it can reveal to you how to build  more effectively on the potential of your relationships and where and how you could work to improve any negative influences.

Allow what NUiT shows you to illuminate the strengths of your relationship and potential trouble spots,  not determining whether or not your feelings are valid.  

👍 DO – know that even if you all have a low score, the love is real.  


📍DON’T – Just guess their birth time or give a time that isn’t for sure

The chart can change drastically moment to moment, so even just a time frame of 10 minutes can change their chart. Hold off on calculating until they can find an accurate birth time. If they don’t know their accurate time of Birth advice them to ask their parents, or check their Birth Certificate.

👍 DO – encourage them to find an accurate birth time 


📍DON’T – Keep all the juicy information to yourself 

👍 DO – Invite him or her to join NUiT so you can interact further and receive your daily Astrology Forecasts and updates 😉


Happy illuminating! 🤩


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