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Neptune- a dreamy and mysterious planet

Neptune is the elusive blind spot of the solar system, and its discovery is just as mysterious as what it symbolizes in astrology. The legend of Neptune is that Galileo discovered it in 1613, yet mistook it as a star. It was actually discovered in 1846, years later. How fitting for the planet that rules… Read More

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Houses in your natal chart

Houses in Astrology and their role in your Birth Chart

Houses – one of the most influential elements of your Birth Chart NUiT is so excited to announce that the App has  included the Houses, for more details regarding your Birth Chart! The Houses give you even more information about your planetary placements by revealing the sectors of life in which these planets are likely… Read More

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Natal Chart

How to read your Natal Chart

Did you know the likelihood of someone having the exact same natal chart as you is one in 10 billion? But the odds of someone being a fellow Libra is 1/12. So, while just understanding what it means to be a Libra is a fantastic start, the deeper you go into understanding your natal chart,… Read More

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Astrological Events- July

July Astrological Events

Talking about astrological events, July is a handful! Eclipses and retrogrades and squares, oh my! Buckle your seatbelts, astrology lovers, because July is bound to be a wild ride. There’s an interesting push / pull energy in the cosmos, where you may feel fired up to make a drastic new decision – quit your job,… Read More

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Cancer Traits

It’s Cancer Season!

Happy birthday to the crabs of the zodiac, Cancers!🎂 CANCER TRAITS Ruled by the moon, Cancers are known for their compassionate nature, their intuitive sixth sense and their nurturing way of being. As the moon reflects the sun, Cancers reflect the energy of the world and the people around them. They are exceptionally responsive and… Read More

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The new NUiT App Universe, available now on the App Stores!

Did you download our major NUiT App Astrology Dating update yet? All you have asked for is here! We’ve made major changes in the app & now you have your Astrology Section & a page dedicated to your Connections! We have simplified the app’s functions but enriched your profile & exploration options for you to… Read More

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NUiT App hosted Pre- amfAR Gala Party in Cannes

NUiT App hosted the Pre- amfAR Cannes Party at the 2018  Film Festival. On May the 16th 2018 we met where the stars touch the sea, at the amfAR Cannes Party, in order to support a meaningful cause and to introduce our NUiT App to the world. Hosted by NUiT App on board Yacht Serenity of… Read More

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NUiT App Launches its New Updates

At NUiT, we highly appreciate our users’ value by constantly working on providing the best quality in functions, design and user experience. After releasing our Beta version and seeing our Community grow these past few months, we have been able to better evaluate the incoming needs from your requests and feedbacks. Thank you for all… Read More

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Season’s Greetings from NUiT!

NUiT wishes you Merry Christmas &  Happy New year 2018! Thank you for making NUiT constantly grow through your love and support! 2018 will be a year of rewards from NUiT, as we are working on building a whole new experience for you & the rest of our Community of NUiTers. With new features and… Read More

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Web Summit 2017 Throwback

NUiT App team representatives were present this year at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal where they officially launched the app and introduced it to the rest of the world. Thank you to the organizers of Web Summit and all the volunteers for providing us with a fantastic event for another year. The number of people… Read More