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Happy birthday to the crabs of the zodiac, Cancers!🎂

Cancer Traits


Ruled by the moon, Cancers are known for their compassionate nature, their intuitive sixth sense and their nurturing way of being. As the moon reflects the sun, Cancers reflect the energy of the world and the people around them. They are exceptionally responsive and emotionally intelligent, so they can pick up on what is unsaid and where trends are going. You can expect some changeable energy from your crab – as the moon goes through its phases, Cancers goes through theirs. 

Just like crabs 🦀who have their protective shell around their soft bodies, Cancers can be a bit guarded and protective when you first meet them. Once you get their guard down, you discover how sweet they are. Their hearts are truly one of the most beautiful things about them. They’ll remember the little details of your life, pick you up a gift “just because” and go above and beyond to ensure you feel supported, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They are fiercely loyal and forever available as a shoulder to lean on.

As Cancers rule home, they are home wrapped up in a human being. They operate from a lens of security, always wanting to feel safe within their world. They can be quite shy or reserved, not taking action unless they feel safe to do so. They enjoy long conversations with those they love, spending time at home and cooking. As Cancer rules the past, they hold on tight to nostalgic memories, as well as their family lineage and roots. 


Cancers feel loved with emotional closeness and lots of cozy time at home. Nurture your Cancer by cooking them a delicious meal, listening to them when they need to vent and remembering the little details about them. Be a comforting shoulder for them to lean on when they are feeling sad, mad or anxious – as the moon changes through phases, Cancers are prone to going through their phases as well, so they’ll love you forever if you can ground them down and take care of their hearts. As the sign that rules home, they need a sense of security – let them feel safe in your arms and safe within your heart. Be a dependable influence in their life.

Since crabs rule family, you can make your crab feel loved by prioritizing their family. Really listen to the stories from their childhood and get to know the family members that mean something to them. They have the best memories in the zodiac, so remember those little details about them.


  • Home decor – they love making their homes (or their shells, metaphorically speaking) as comfy as possible
  • Cooking supplies or a cookbook
  • Photo album of your favorite memories with your Cancer
  • A sweet handwritten letter recalling some memories with your Cancer
  • Pitch in with their family to purchase them a ticket to go visit their birthplace 

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