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November Planetary Events

November presents us with an opportunity to slow down the pace, reconsider and reflect. With the energy largely in Scorpio, much of this reanalyzing occurs beneath the surface, to the core of who we are as humans. Not quite the light and fluffy energy we could hope for, but Venus and Sun entering Sagittarius in… Read More

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October's astrological events

October’s Astrological Events

Happy Libra Season and welcome to the review of October’s Astrological events 💫. Let’s see what the universe has planned for us this autumn!  You may think of Libra as pleasant, harmonious energy and while it is, October 2019 is a little different than the flirty lovefest you would expect Libra to be. This year,… Read More

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September Planetary Events

Have you been waiting for September planetary events? Well, (drum roll 🥁🥁🥁) voila! It’s Virgo season and we are getting to work in September! The month kicks off with a bang with Venus in Virgo trining Saturn in Capricorn, making us extra motivated to tackle the little tasks (Virgo) that contribute to the big picture… Read More

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August Planetary Events

First and foremost, dear cosmic beings, congratulations on surviving and thriving throughout July! With Mercury retrograde and eclipses in the waters of Cancer, July was an emotional, turbulent time for many. AUGUST is the party after the whirlwind, so wipe your tears, buckle up your seatbelts, load up your calendar with social events, invite in… Read More

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Astrological Events- July

July Astrological Events

Talking about astrological events, July is a handful! Eclipses and retrogrades and squares, oh my! Buckle your seatbelts, astrology lovers, because July is bound to be a wild ride. There’s an interesting push / pull energy in the cosmos, where you may feel fired up to make a drastic new decision – quit your job,… Read More