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About Polarity, Modality and Elements: Astrology 101

When diving into astrology, there are confusing words associated with each sign – polarity? Modality? Element? What? You may be looking at your NUiT portal and wondering what do all of these terms mean. They’re actually quite simple and by the end of this post, you’ll absolutely grasp these concepts! In our astrology know how… Read More

Astrology Know How Archives | Nuit

How Signs Flirt 101

Can you tell how signs flirt? Well, you should, because some of them do it in such a subtle manner you might actually miss it! We prepared an introduction for you, based on each sign’s traits. As you already know, of course, if you are interested in the person and you want to check your… Read More

Astrology Know How Archives | Nuit

Venus- The ruler of your love life

Venus is the planet that rules all things that we value and we pleasure – art, beauty, love, harmony, social graces. So when you’re considering your love language, understanding your Venus sign, placement and aspects is your key to unlocking how you give love and how you receive it.  Take a look at yours and… Read More

Astrology Know How Archives | Nuit

Neptune- a dreamy and mysterious planet

Neptune is the elusive blind spot of the solar system, and its discovery is just as mysterious as what it symbolizes in astrology. The legend of Neptune is that Galileo discovered it in 1613, yet mistook it as a star. It was actually discovered in 1846, years later. How fitting for the planet that rules… Read More

Astrology Know How Archives | Nuit

Houses in your natal chart

Houses in Astrology

NUiT is so excited to announce that the app will include houses for more details regarding your chart! The houses give you even more information about your planetary placements by revealing the sectors of life in which these planets are likely to manifest. The houses look like slices of pizza, and each slice represents an… Read More

Astrology Know How Archives | Nuit

Natal Chart

How to read your Natal Chart

Did you know the likelihood of someone having the exact same natal chart as you is one in 10 billion? But the odds of someone being a fellow Libra is 1/12. So, while just understanding what it means to be a Libra is a fantastic start, the deeper you go into understanding your natal chart,… Read More

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