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Chiron looks like a small key shape within your Natal Chart, which is appropriate because unlocking Chiron is truly a massive KEY to your own potential and healing! Chiron is the part of our chart that is known as the wounded healer – where we ourselves are insecure, but where we can massively heal others. 

Chiron in the Cosmos

Chiron is an asteroid that lives in between Saturn and Uranus. The two planets Chiron has as its neighbors are COMPLETE opposites in astrology. Saturn governs rules, structures, discipline, and karma, whereas Uranus is about innovation, technology, and erratic behavior. Saturn is as stable as Uranus is unstable. So the significance of Chiron sitting between these two bodies is that it can merge our structured reality (Saturn) and how we “disrupt” the patterns we’re accustomed to (Uranus). It’s a tool that explains how we’ve been created and how we can unlock healing collective potential. 

Chiron, like the process of healing itself, is irregular in its transit. It will typically stay in a single zodiac sign for either years. Yet, when he enters Saturn’s orbit, this asteroid can cruise through a sign in just two years. 

Around the age of 49-51, we will experience a “Chiron return,” when Chiron returns to the position of the skies it was placed in when we were born. This may be a time of soul searching or reacquainting ourselves with the wounds where we’ve ached. If you’ve been doing your Chiron work and actively healing that aspect of yourself, it’ll be a more gentle experience. If you’ve been distracting yourself, it may become a time of becoming rudely reacquainted with past traumas, hurts, and insecurities. 

The mythology of Chiron 

So where did this “wounded healer” archetype stem from? According to Greek mythology, Chiron the Centaur was a healer, philosopher, and teacher who could heal everyone except for himself. He is the son of Chronus and the nymph Philyra. Philyra was repulsed by Chronus and changed herself into a mare to attempt to avoid him. Chronus turned himself into a horse to deceive her and successfully seduced her, bearing Chiron. Philyra was so repulsed she asked the gods for her to be ANYTHING else, so they turned her into a tree. Chronus, who was married, was an absent father. So Chiron grew up with two absentee parents and a lot of wounds because of it. Despite his rough childhood, he was able to heal many people. Many mythologists suggest the reason he was such a gifted healer is because of his personal struggles, for it granted empathy.

When taking a look at your chart, that arena of life is one that may have been the source of quite a bit of pain, but also could be a part of a massive amount of healing potential, if you channel it constructively.







Chiron in Aries or Chiron in the 1st house

Insecurities: You may experience some wounds around your individuality. Perhaps you feel the need to always prove yourself to others, or you feel some insecurity around your authenticity. You may experience this wound to your individuality by being overly competitive in this elusive chase of being #1 to validate yourself.

Blessings: You can show others what it’s like to be like to truly be an advocate for oneself, to own oneself unapologetically, to model what it’s like to be independent. You can be the example of how one can use anger constructively.


Chiron in Taurus or 2nd House 

Insecurities: This placement suggests some wounding around how you value yourself. You may struggle with food issues, financial issues or poor self-esteem. 


Blessings: Once you go on this self-love journey, it opens up a well for you in learning how to teach others of their inherent value as well. You may find activities such as singing, cooking and gardening healing for you. 


Chiron in Gemini or 3rd House

Insecurities: Chiron in Gemini or in your 3rd house in your birth chart points to some insecurities around your communicative processes. You perhaps could have struggled in early schooling, had a hearing impediment, or just felt shy and unable to communicate your truth.


Blessings: Your gift is that you are incredibly thoughtful about your words, and could pen wonderfully healing poems, blogs or articles that capture your struggles in an eloquent way that others can relate to. You also have a sense of wit and humor that you can use to make light of darker situations, and be the light in the darkness for others.


Chiron in Cancer or 4th House 

Insecurities: With Chiron in Cancer or in the 4th house, there is some hurts around nurturing. You may suffer from a lack of connection of intuition of how to take care of yourself. You may attempt to soothe yourself by overeating, drinking too much or staying home and avoiding life. This position also suggests some hurts around the familial unit and the home.


Blessings: The gift, once you do the work around how to take care of yourself in a way that takes care of your soul, you can be such a beautiful source of support for anyone in need of nurturing themselves. You may find healing through women’s moon groups (new moon and full moon gatherings) and reparenting yourself in a way that feels more nurturing and cozy.


Chiron in Leo or 5th House 

Insecurities: You could experience some insecurity around being the center of attention, or expressing yourself. You may ravenously crave attention, or on the other end, shy away from any potential spotlight upon you. You may not feel safe having “fun”


Blessings: With this placement, you can use Chiron’s blessings to empower others through healthy self-expression. Once you balance out the self-consciousness or over hunger of Chiron, you can use the arts to uplift your audiences. 


Chiron in Virgo or 6th House 

Insecurities: Virgo is the perfectionist sign, so you may have a wound around your ability to never TRULY be perfect. You can be relentlessly critical of those around you, or feel self-conscious about your body image, being obsessive about health or a hypochrondriac. You could always feel that your work is subpar, like you have a script running through your head “not good enough not good enough.”


Blessings: Take Chiron’s influence and use it in a more constructive manner by using your innate mind-body connection within yoga or meditation. You can become a gifted healer in Ayurveda or other practices that honor the sacredness of the food we eat. 


Chiron in Libra or 7th House 

Insecurities:  There may be some sensitivities around relationships. You could struggle to commit fully to one person, fearing a betrayal. You could people please, always acquiescing to others without trusting your own opinion. You may limbo in chronic indecision, forever balancing out those two Libran scales. 

Blessings: Use that gift you have for considering other people’s points of views by becoming a diplomat, a consultant or just a kind shoulder to lean upon. You could find the act of relating with other people as a healing experience.


Chiron in Scorpio or 8th House

Insecurities: With Chiron in the sign of Scorpio, you may feel that life is fundamentally unsafe for you and you must always be on your guard. You have a natural inclination for the darker sides of life, so you may be overly paranoid or skeptic about the world around you. You could obsessively research taboo topics, or be rather morbid about our time here on Earth. Perhaps you had to get acquainted with a death of someone close to you at a young age. 

Blessings: You have a natural predisposition towards the raw reality of the situation, and you can be healing by helping others through major transitions (death, birth, divorce, etc). Sex, solo or with a partner, can be a transcendent experience for you. 


Chiron in Sagittarius or 9th House 

Insecurities: When a native has Chiron in Sagittarius or within their 9th house, there can be a wounding around never staying still. Sagittarius is the adventurer archetype, and those with this placement could go on an endless treasure hunt looking for the next big thrill. You also could manifest this placement  by having a wounding or insecurity around not pursuing higher education or being wounded by harmful messages taught to you in earlier religious experiences.

Blessings: Chiron in Sagittarius or in the 9th house can be a gifted spiritual channel. The study of spirituality or religion could help to heal the wound that makes you feel like your viewpoint can’t be expanded. Writing and traveling could be other healing avenues! 


Chiron in Capricorn or 10th House

Insecurities: There may be a wounding around the areas of career, reputation and authority figures. You may obsessively focus on your career, neglecting every other arena of life. You may be preoccupied with status, forever looking to climb onto the next rung of the hierarchy. 

Blessings: When channelled constructively, this energy can make for an enormously strong leader. You could be a gifted provider, or find the process of working, healing for you.


Chiron in Aquarius or 11th House 

Insecurities: There may be a haunting feeling of being on the outside looking in or never finding your “place” in friendship groups. You could be a rebel or forever look for reasons to disagree with the status quo, because you feel like if you fit in, it makes you a boring person

Blessings: By channelling the humanitarian focus of Aquarius, you can make for an incredible leader in advocating for issues that plague our generation today. You can empower others to be their most authentic selves, or let their freak flags fly!


Chiron in Pisces or 12th House 

Insecurities: You may struggle from time to time with this notion of reality and long to escape. You may overidealize reality, glossing over important issues to live in a rose-colored cloud. You also could crave this escapism through drugs or alcohol. 

Blessings: Rather than using this urge to escape by quelling it with drugs or alcohol, you can channel it constructively by putting it towards spirituality. You can be a natural intuitive or psychic.



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