What Type of Astrology is NUiT using? | NUiT

NUiT App’s chart calculations are based on Western Astrology. Our Astrology calculations for matching users are not just based on star signs but on many elements of the whole Natal Chart of a person. These include Sun sign, Ascendant, Planets, positions, angles, and houses as well as midpoints and composite charts among others.

In Astrology, our Star Sign and Ascendant can reveal only some basic personality traits.
The Natal Chart of a person though consists of all their planets’ positions and portrays in the most unique way their personality profile in many aspects of human behavior and existence.
The ways they tend to behave, perceive love, communication, motivation, and act can all be interpreted and analyzed on this personal “universal map which is Written in the Stars”.

We use the Tropical Zodiac, which was used by Western astrologers since at least 100 BC and consists of 12 equal signs of 30 degrees each.
Each degree is divided into 60 minutes and each minute into 60 seconds.
This allows for a very precise calculation of the position of any planet.
The Tropical Zodiac, therefore, has the advantage of being regular and orderly, part of a complex and interrelated system that is itself regular and orderly.
Yet astrology itself is based on spiritual causality and works through spiritual casuality as we all know.

Of course, when it comes to Astrology there is always a unique perspective in the interpretation of a chart, the point of view and philosophy behind it which is subjective to the eye of the Analyser.

Our team at NUiT App has high quality standards and studied very carefully the algorithms and interpretations given, as our main concern is to provide our users with accurate results and quality insights.