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Why is NUiT asking me for my place and time of Birth?

Birthdate, Birthplace and time of Birth are mandatory requirements for the creation of your Astrological Profile and Chart. As your birthdate gives your horoscope sign, time of birth and birthplace help define your Rising Sign – Ascendant and the position of the planets when you were born, in order for your Natal Chart to be… Read More

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What does my Placements Section show?

Your Placements Section shows you your Sun (Horoscope) Sign, your Rising Sign (Ascendant) and the Zodiac Sign each of your planets is in. This is your Natal Chart information for you to have more in-depth personal astrological insights and where we base our compatibility algorithm when you are calculating your compatibility with someone. Within your… Read More

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What does the Astrology Section show?

The Astrology section gives you your daily horoscope forecasts, a graph with your personalized daily traits of how the planets and other traits such as luck might affect your day, as well as your broader Natal chart placements with their interpretations. In the Traits subsection, you will find information about how a particular Planet and… Read More

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