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Did you ever wonder if our birth date has anything to do with the things that make us angry? Well, it does! And here is a cheat sheet on how do signs react when angry!

Aries♈ :

Aries will get mad first, think later. Aries tend to filter any experience through the lens of anger too – so they’ll get mad first, then realize later that they’re actually sad or disappointed. But you can count on one thing – Aries reaction will be INSTANTANEOUS and they have virtually no filter. The good news is, they get over it pretty quickly!

Go-to comeback phrase: “YHFK70970976986D987608A09-0A!!!” *smoke comes out of ears*

Taurus ♉:

Taurus is a fixed sign, and this sign will not BUDGE an inch when riled up! This bull knows how to dig their hooves into the ground and stand their ground – so the Taurus will be defensive and stubborn when it comes to getting angry! 

Go-to comeback phrase: “This is my point of view and I’m not changing my mind.”

Gemini ♊:

Geminis have a gift of the gab, so they’ll likely react to feeling anger by firing off their mouths. They may debate their point of view, using their sharp tongues and quick minds to defend themselves. They don’t take life or themselves too seriously, however, so they’ll likely get over it pretty quickly, or get you riled up just because they think it’s fun. 

Go-to comeback phrase: “Your argument is flawed because of point A, B and C”

Cancer ♋:

Cancer the crabs can be passive-aggressive when in a confrontational situation. Their first instincts will be to withdraw into their shell to find some sort of safety. Like the moon has its phases, this moon-ruled sign is very responsive, so they’ll react almost immediately with tears or some sort of reaction. Normally, they feel first, cry, then think about it later. 

Go-to comeback phrase: *cries*

Leo ♌:

The proud lions get the angriest when something is done to them that bruises their egos. They are all about self-expression, so if Leos feel like someone isn’t giving them proper respect or damaging their reputation, they will lash out. This lion is rather ferocious when provoked, so if you anger a Leo in a way that is embarrassing for their reputation, watch out! 

Go-to comeback phrase: How dare you do that to ME!

Virgo ♍:

Virgos like to feel controlled and put-together, so your Virgo won’t explode when angered. Instead, they will gather all of the details first before deciding whether or not they are mad. From there, they’ll criticize – an eye for improvement is what they do best!

Go-to comeback phrase: “That just doesn’t make any sense.”

Libra ♎

Libra may overprioritize harmony, but when something you’ve done disrupts their personal morality system, they’ll snap back. They are all about what’s just and fair, so they’ll weigh out both sides – their side and yours. Your balanced Libras will hear you out, but if it isn’t in harmony with what they consider as fair, they’ll let you know.

Go-to comeback phrase: “That’s not fair of you to say.”

Scorpio ♏:

Scorpio is all too familiar with burning bridges. This scorpion has a stinger so they will snap back aggressively. Their rage style is to immediately deflect and point the finger back to you – they may go right for the jugular, using their scorpion-like stinger to get you right where it hurts. This intuitive, shrewd sign can be quite vengeful when they want to be. 

Go-to comeback phrase: “You’re the one who ___*insert stinging comment here*

Sagittarius ♐ :

Sagittarius tries to not take life so seriously, but they do feel a connection to revealing the truth of a situation. They will be brutally honest with you when provoked. Or, the other Sagittarius impulse is to flee the situation, run away entirely to avoid dealing with it.

Go-to comeback phrase: “I’m gonna tell you the TRUTH of the situation and you’re not gonna like it.”

Capricorn ♑:

Capricorn will be enormously cool, calm and collected. They’ll gather all of the facts and details of the reality of the situation to even see if it’s worth getting involved in. As an Earth sign, they see much of life in ROI – breaking down whether or not it’s worth it to invest their energy in it. They’ll be utter stones if they choose not to partake.

Go-to comeback phrase: “This isn’t worth my energy.”

Aquarius ♒:

Aquarius is a rather detached energy. They tend to not react too emotionally and may be stone faced. They are a fixed energy, so they can be quite stubborn when it comes to their point of view. With the energy of Uranus, expect the unexpected-  you can never quite predict how your Aquarius will react. 

Go-to comeback phrase:  “Honestly, why are we arguing about this when they just discovered Aliens?”


Pisces wants to live in a dream world, so you angering them will likely make them want to retreat into a reality where the current conflict does not exist. These fish will want to swim away rather than deal with the conflict head-on. They also tend to have a victim complex, so they could react emotionally and feel as though they are being attacked. 

Go-to comeback phrase: “Why would you do this to me?” *tear falls down cheek*

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