How it works

We believe that the universe is wise; that everything happens for a reason; that for all of us, the perfect Match is out there.

We are talking about human connection, about people meeting people and becoming friends, partners, companions. Looks will change over time, but true connections will stay intact! This is what our NUiT App is made for.

All you have to do, after downloading the app, is to create your profile by filling in your birth details. This information will allow us to find your… place in the stars and to instantly calculate for you, your Astrology traits and your Astrology Compatibility based on your Natal Charts.

Nuit Horoscope wheel Nuit Tonci Unni

As all the users have done the same, our system has the insights to find, for you exclusively, the people that are more compatible for you. There are 4 different categories of matching- Friendship, Business, Romance and Magnetism- because matching is not about dating It’s about connecting.

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  • Nuit Romance
  • Nuit Romance

You can select which of these areas you want to explore and based on what criteria; you have control over everything.

So, download NUiT App and give the universe the chance to reveal its secrets…

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Your perfect Match is written in the Stars!