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Can you tell how signs flirt? Well, you should, because some of them do it in such a subtle manner you might actually miss it! We prepared an introduction for you, based on each sign’s traits. As you already know, of course, if you are interested in the person and you want to check your compatibility, you should trust the natal chart calculator in the app!


Go-to pickup line: So, come here often?

Aries flirt by being as bold and direct as they can. Their sign is the archetype of the child, so they have a very teasing, direct, childlike way of flirting. They will not obscure their affection for you and they’ll know they want you right away. Their ruler, Mars, is all about conquest, so they may approach flirting with you like a challenge or a game. Aries style is to be as to the point and direct as possible in order to win you over.


Go-to pickup line: The tuna tartare is delicious, but not as delicious as you

Taurus is a fixed sign, so they know what they want, and they go after what they want. They are ruled by seductive Venus, so they know how to turn up the charm when the time comes! Taurus will allure you by perhaps commenting on what you’re eating or drinking, or by giving compliments on your appearance.


Go-to pickup line: I Should Call You Google Because You Have Everything I’m Looking For.

Gemini rules communication, so they will flirt with you with wordplay. These twins have the gift of the gab – so, if you notice they are asking lots of questions, making witty observations and shooting mischievous grins your way, they are most likely into you.


Go-to pickup line: How is your night going?

Sensitive crabs can be a bit guarded and shy, but if they make a move, they’ll play up their sensitive, nurturing side of themselves. Cancers flirt by ensuring you’re doing okay – perhaps they’ll ask how your night is going, if you’re warm enough, or if you’ve got enough to eat. They display their affections by caring about your physical and emotional well-being.


Go-to pickup line: If I had to rate you out of 10 I’d rate you a 9… because I am the one that you are missing!

Leos are like the peacocks of the zodiac – if they like you, they will fluff up their feathers to show off for you. Leos flirt by showing off their skills, their qualities, their assets to convince you that they are the best person at the bar and the person you should be into. They may place themselves in the center of attention or have their friends hype them up in order for them to strut their stuff.


Go-to pickup line: Hey, you need some help with that?

Detail-oriented Virgos will flirt with you by noticing and remembering details about your life.  They’ll strive to be exceptionally helpful for you. Maybe they’ll notice you’re not drinking your beer, and offer you to grab a drink you prefer to replace it, or they’ll help you beat the pinball game you’re playing at the bar. They’ll notice little details about you and your life, then look to improve it.


Go-to pickup line: What’s a beautiful person like you doing in a place like this?

Libras default setting is to flirt with you. These charming Librans find it hard NOT to flirt – they will turn on the charm and know exactly what to say to melt your heart. They’ll pour on the flattery, mirroring your mannerisms and preferences to reflect to you exactly what you want to see. They are gifted in interpersonal interactions, so you’ll know a Libra is flirting if they turn up the charm.


Go-to pickup line: *silence and intense eye contact*

Scorpios flirt with you by being mysterious and alluring. They’ll have a mystical twinkle in their eye and will give you just enough information in your conversation to convince you there’s more under the surface.


Go-to pickup line: Let’s get out of this spot

Sagittarius will flirt with you by showing off their exciting side. They want life to be an adventure, so when they flirt with you, they invite you to join in on the adventure. They may spontaneously ask you to leave the bar to go play pool, stargaze or go swim


Go-to pickup line: Can I buy you a drink?

Capricorns have a very grounded, steady method of flirting with you. They may seek to practically improve your night, by purchasing you a drink or dinner. As a realistic sign, they won’t pour on the charm or romanticism. Their style is to be very methodological in their approach, not moving too fast or too slow, keeping their attention on you and paying attention to your feedback.


Go-to pickup line: This top 40 music they’re playing is soooo lame.

Aquarius tends to be a very cool, detached energy, so their method of flirting may come off as detached. However, a sure sign that an Aquarius is flirting with you is by accentuating some of their quirks or differences, to show you how different and unique they are in comparison to others. So they may tell you about the niche foreign film they caught last week, or the bluegrass concert they’ll off to this weekend.


Go-to pickup line: Let’s run away together

Pisces will flirt with you with a dreamy, faraway look in their eyes. When fish flirt, they tend to evoke an innocent sort of charm, giggling and creating a fantasy world. They’ll ask you where you would transport to if you could be anywhere, they’ll play pretend as though you two are going to run away to Spain, they’ll dream with you.

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