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Jupiter is in Capricorn – Jupiter Transit explained!


When the planet of luck, growth, and expansion was traversing through his home territory of Sagittarius, the party didn’t stop! But now, Jupiter is in serious Capricorn from Dec. 3 – Dec. 2020, so the party may wane…just a bit!

Nevertheless, Jupiter is a positive influence no matter what it transits, so there are opportunities to manifest blessings in your life with this great benefic. 


Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter in Capricorn Transit


Jupiter is traveling through the territory of the intense Saturn & Pluto conjunction that is building currently and is exact in January. Therefore, this will give us a welcome break for the part of our charts that has been under this heavy influence.

Capricorn is all about discipline, and putting in those step by step efforts towards your goals, so if you’ve been doing the work in this sector, Jupiter is here to bring you the rewards of your work! 


Overall themes of this Transit will be:

  • Getting rewarded for our hard work towards our goals
  • Expanding our work ethic
  • Getting realistic about our long term goals
  • Bringing blessings with government, structures, and big business
  • Improving relationships with father or authority figures


Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter in Capricorn through the Signs


While we’ll all be feeling an expansion around general Capricornian themes, where it’s transiting by House is where the cosmos is REALLY working for you. Jupiter’s blessings aren’t guaranteed – it represents opportunity, but it’s up to you to take action. The team of NUiT App has added positive mantras so you can work with the energy and begin to manifest YOUR Jupiter in Capricorn gifts!

Jupiter in Capricorn Transit effects for:


 Capricorn risings – 1st house expansions

Our rising or ascendant sign is the view by which we look at the world around us. So you should find, that your mindset is much more expanded and optimistic with Jupiter in Capricorn crossing over your ascendant. Thank goodness, because you all have been hit by so much heaviness with Saturn, Pluto and South Node gathered on your sign. Expect this transit to feel much more optimistic and light. You’ll find you’re more apt to say YES to life. This optimistic influence is why many associate Jupiter ascendant transits with gaining weight – you might find yourself saying YES to dessert, that cooking class, that winery tour more often! You could say yes to traveling, meeting different people, studying a new topic, taking a new class, getting more spiritual or making a lifestyle change. Expect the weight on your shoulders to be lifted, ESPECIALLY after January, Capricornians. 

I expand my worldview 

I welcome in new experiences to my life


For Aquarius risings – 12th house expansions

Aquarius, you’ve been doing lots of work on your own internal psyche. It could have been an isolating influence this past year, with Saturn, Pluto and South Node heavying your subconscious processes. You may have had to put in work towards dealing with the skeletons in your closet, analyzing your subconscious programming and perhaps even doing shadow work. Jupiter in the 12th house transits can be a highly spiritual time, of diving within, to understand the inner you and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. 12th house is the house of isolation, so you may be feeling more drawn to spending more time alone, or want to book a spiritual retreat to get away from your daily reality. Frame this year as a time to uncover what you hold back and really dive into the inner you. 

I dive within for inner knowledge and my sense of faith

I enjoy my own company


For Pisces risings – 11th house expansions 

Pisces risings, you fish are so energetically sensitive. This Saturn, Pluto and South Node in your 11th house may have been brutal to live through, but you did the work to clean out your friend groups. You may have been working to identify the people who uplift your energy and the people who take away from it. If you’ve had to cut off some toxic influences, Jupiter in Capricorn will bring you some worldly, spiritual friends to reward you from the work in realizing your worth.  You may feel an expansion in the people you encounter or with your online presence – widening your influence. 11th house is also the sector of our chart ruling our hopes and dreams, so you could potentially feel more optimistic around your goals and where life will take you. Let the Capricorn influence inspire you to put in the work towards that big picture vision

I expand my network 

I receive recognition


For Aries risings – 10th house expansions

Aries risings, lots of pressure has been coming up for you all to crystallize your public persona and career. You could be feeling like you have needed to prove yourself to others. It may have been feeling as of late that you’ve been putting in twenty times the effort and receiving none of the praise at work. Jupiter entering this sector should bring some rewards – perhaps a promotion, a period of peace with your authority figures or freedom if you’ve wanted to shift career paths. You could receive positive recognition in your line of work or attract some new opportunities – make the most of it, Aries!

I invite in heart-aligned career opportunities


For Taurus risings – 9th house expansions

Taurus, you all are realistic, hard working folks. But you may have found this past year, you’ve been feeling a little blocked in your worldview, spiritual mindset or perspective, being more pessimistic about this world and what’s possible for it. You’ve been working to get your ducks in a row – perhaps getting your passports ready for travel, working at your schoolwork or gaining a certification in some area. Jupiter in Capricorn will bring you the rewards you’ve been working for this past year and broadening your perspective.  If you’ve been wanting to move and travel abroad, your lucky streak starts Dec. 3 and lasts for about a year, so all of your work will be well worth it! You may start a new certification or class, broadening your mental perspective if you aren’t interested in physically traveling, since Taurus does tend to be a comfy homebody like . You may get more spiritual and join a new spiritual group – say yes, bulls!

I broaden my perspective and invite in new opportunities for learning, traveling and faith


For Gemini risings – 8th house expansions

Gemini risings, there could have been some changes in your partner’s income in the past year. Perhaps your business partner was sued, your spouse lost their job or your parents stopped supporting you financially. In one way, it hasn’t been a year you’ve felt like you can truly depend on those around you, rather you had to go out and get what you wanted for yourself. But with Jupiter in Capricorn, it could bring an expansion in the moral, emotional, financial or spiritual support you receive from others. This Jupiter’s transit, will reward you for being disciplined about your own work and finances, and you may begin to receive support from others. You could have lucrative payoffs from a legal case, receive dividends from your stocks or otherwise just reap money from others.

I invite in support from others


For Cancer risings – 7th house expansions

Cancers, you sensitive souls don’t necessarily like being in the spotlight, but with North Node transiting your sign this year, you’ve been thrust into the spotlight, whether on social media, at work or with your creative projects. You may have found this year really called upon you to step up and depend on yourself. The heaviest planets in the zodiac have been weighing down your 7th house of other people, so you could have been attracting karmic partners, or people who weren’t emotionally there for you whatsoever. With Jupiter tracing the steps of Saturn and Pluto, that will change starting Dec. 3. You’ll start to attract more optimistic, worldly, educated individuals who uplift you and support you. Jupiter also rules freedom, so if you’ve felt stuck in a stagnant love or business relationship, you could free yourself from their influence as well. You deserve this, crabs. Be open!

I attract optimistic, joyful people 


For Leo risings – 6th house expansions

On Dec. 8 Jupiter rays will be moving into the sector of life ruling service, day to day and health. This year has been rough on you lions. With Saturn, Pluto and South Node going through this sector, everything has just felt like so much WORK to maintain.

You may be feeling weighed down with all of the burdens. In extension you could be feeling low energy or listless. On the other hand, with Jupiter illuminating this sector, you might get some answers to your health problems or a solution of some sort.

You may find lions that it’s more pleasant to take care of your health and start up a new health practice or take it more seriously. Jupiter will also cast a glow on your act of daily working, so you may find it more pleasant working and have better working relationships.

I find it enjoyable taking care of my body and my obligations.


For Virgo risings – 5th house expansions

Virgo, your detail-oriented mercurial minds is what makes you so beautiful.  However over the past year, you’ve been so critical of your own creations. You’ve felt more interested in birthing something new but felt blocked in being able to fully explore it. This due to your overly critical mind. This is the inner child house, so with Jupiter expanding it, you can ease up the stress and feel more expansive. Jupiter in 5th house will bring the confidence you need to perhaps put your work out there boldly, just as a celebration of being alive. Or, if you’ve been limiting in regards to your love life, this energy could bring happiness, confidence and  fun back to your dating life. 

I create from my heart


For Libra risings – 4th house expansions

My balanced scales, you’ve been working so hard to create a steady foundation for yourself. Above all, Family relationships could have been tense or your living environment could be stressful in 2019.

Maybe you had to put in a ton of work on your personal space, with costly repairs and maintenance. Additionally, 4th house also rules emotional state, so you could be feeling apathetic and detached from your daily reality. But, Jupiter brings your internal state peace. Above all, you may free yourself from a toxic living situation and enjoy a period of peace with your family.  You may also, expand your physical environment by remodelling or redecorating your space. 

I build a comforting, inspiring sanctuary 


For Scorpio risings – 3rd house expansions

This Capricorn energy makes a nice sextile to your Scorpio energy, giving you some more positive energy. With Jupiter in Capricorn,  you may expand your skill sets, or spend more time marketing yourself or your business. You could gain a new certification, in a topic you’ve been interested in – yoga, welding, you name it! It’s a nice time to be curious about the world around you after a period of feeling limited or blocked.

I enhance my skill set.


For Sagittarius risings – 2nd house expansions

Sagittarius, you’ve likely been working harder than ever before and feeling like you’re not reaping any of the rewards. However, Jupiter is coming to give you some rewards of your monetary reality. You could get a raise,  additional  income or free yourself from a job position that was not productive. Jupiter’s luck could cast a glow around your money or jobs. Support it by looking for a job with more income.

Additionally, you could also manifest an opportunity to work abroad or remotely. Boost your bank account AND your worldview, Sagittarians!

I expand my money



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