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Here are January’s main Astrology Events, brought to you by NUiT!


Are you ready about this January’s  Astrology  forecasts? The first month of 2020 has arrived and with it, one of the most foreboding aspects of Astrology – Saturn conjunct Pluto.

When these two malefics meet up in the Sky, you can be certain you ought to embrace some sort of destruction in your life. Saturn symbolizes Structures, Authority, Foundations and Pluto rules Transformation. Therefore, whatever in your life that is built on shaky foundation will crumble, but be gentle with yourself during the changes. It’s hard to see from the eye of the storm, but this destruction was necessary to create the foundation for what’s next for you to build.

With the energy in grounded, practical Capricorn, only projects, people and initiatives that can stand the test of the time will survive this transformation.


January Astrology



With the energy in Capricorn, which rules authority and business, this may not be a personal energy so much, as it’s something you notice at your job or in the news. There’s so much energy this month that revolves about rebelling and dreaming of a new world. Therefore,  find ways to ramp up the self-care and connect with others on constructive ways to move forward from here. What you focus on expands, so allow the humanitarian lens of Aquarius to inspire you and your friends, to visualize how we can make the state of affairs more serving for all of humanity.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer on the 10th, is also one of the main Events of the Month.

Full Moon on the North Node illuminates the work we’ve been doing in acknowledging the North Node.
North Node highlights our Karmic Direction in Life and who we are meant to become!
How have you prioritized nurturing yourself? How have you let go what’s expected by you in society to create a life that is more emotionally fulfilling?

This Eclipse will be emotionally challenging especially in the field of Communications.
Remember who you are and set your boundaries. Stay Calm, Strong and Optimistic!

With Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, strengthen the DREAM. They take us to places where we all feel free to be ourselves unapologetically, where humans care about one another, where we can uplift and inspire.

Uranus direct gives you the green light to start gathering together with your friends for the sake of innovating and creating change. Though Saturn / Pluto is about power dynamics, remind yourself in January 2020 that you are a powerful creator yourself!

Rather than allow this intense month to influence you, remind yourself of your innate strength and power and how YOU can influence this world.

January’s Astrology ⭐ Calendar


📍 January 2nd

  • Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  •  First Quarter Moon in Aries


📍 January 3rd

  • Mercury opposite North Node
  •  Mars enters Sagittarius


📍 January 5th

  • Mars trine Chiron


📍 January 6th

  • Jupiter opposite North Node


📍 January 7th 


📍 January 8th 

  • Mercury sextile Neptune


📍 January 10th

  • Sun conjunct Mercury
  •  Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 20°
  • Uranus direct 


📍 January 12

  • Saturn conjunct Pluto 22
  • Mercury conjunct Saturn
  •  Mercury conjunct Pluto


📍 January 13th

  • Venus enters Pisces
  • Sun conjunct Pluto
  • Sun conjunct Saturn


📍 January 15th

  •  Venus sextile Uranus


📍 January 16th

  • Mercury enters Aquarius


📍 January 17th

  •  Mercury sextile Chiron
  • Third Quarter Moon, in Libra   


📍 January 18th

  • Mercury square Uranus


📍 January 19th

  • Venus trine North Node


📍 January 20th

  • Sun enters Aquarius


📍 January 22nd

  • Sun sextile Chiron


📍 January 23rd

  • Sun square Uranus
  • Venus sextile Jupiter


📍 January 24th

  • New Moon in Aquarius 4°


📍 January 25th

  • Mercury sextile Mars


📍 January 27th

  • Venus conjunct Neptune


📍 January 28th

  • Mars square Neptune


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