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Happy birthday to the kings and queens of the zodiac, the lions and the lionesses, Leos! Leos are known for their passionate, heart-centered approach to life. They enter life fully and with zest. They radiate the light of the sun and embody what it means to be authentic within our self-expression. Just as the sun has the planets that revolve around it, Leo too expects other people to revolve around them. As the full expression of what it means when someone is true and strong within their own identity, they pull a fair amount of attention their way. They are bold, confident and true to themselves. 

Lower vibrational Leos will draw too much attention to themselves, be overly boastful or prideful, or demand too much stroking of their ego. But with self-awareness, the Leo radiates pure love, warmth, and generosity, showing others what it means to be a fearless, strong, creative, confident leader. 

Depending on the house lion is placed in your natal chart, these traits will impact you as well!


Leos show you that they love you with their heart-centered approach. Whenever they care about something, they put their whole heart into it. You’ll know your Leo cares about you when putting their heart where their mouth is – they’ll lead with inspired action. They move rather quickly, as they live purely. Your Leo will show you they care by making bold moves towards you. As a fixed sign, they know what they want and can be very stubborn about it once they make their mind (or heart) up. They enjoy the chase because getting someone to fall from them is a major ego boost.

Since Leo is about self-expression, they’ll love to show you off to their friends. Take it as a compliment – they take their public identity very seriously, so if they want to take you around town and have you meet all of their friends, that means they are proud to be with you!

Since Leos rule creativity, they can show you they care by a poem, a painting or a song they’ve written for you. Leo embodies the inner child of the zodiac, the side of us that is celebratory, fun and light-hearted, so let them sweep you into their bright world. 


  • Leos, the lions, love to have their mane stroked. Gift your Leo with a compliment first and foremost!
  • Write them a poem, paint them a portrait, take photos of them – express your appreciation for them in a creative and fun way
  • Throw a surprise party! Your lion loves being the center of attention
  • Book spots at a fun paint and wine class or salsa workshop – Leos love to express their creativity!
  • Gift your lion with a photography session – they’ll love having beautiful portraits taken of themselves
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