NUiT App – The Brand Story

NUiT was created to bring an entirely new experience and meaning in the field of Dating / Matching apps & Astrology.

It was inspired by the science of the stars and ancient Nut of Egypt. She was the Goddess of the stars and the sky, with her bridge connecting the earth with the heavens & people with the divine…

Our Brand empowers you to revive the legend of NUiT  through a “divine” experience. By combining ancient astrological knowledge with modern technology to provide you with unique connections.

Goddess Nut is one of the most famous Ambassadors of Astrology worldwide. Protector of the earth, mysterious, strong and prestigious.

Astronomy, the science of the stars and along with it most of astrology’s terms & interpretations have their birthplace in Greece.

Alexander the Great, during the Hellenistic period in Egypt, is attributed to spreading the virality of astrology throughout Europe and the rest of the global territories he conquered.

With Nut’s bridge he became the connecting link between the East and the West , keeping alive the legend of the Goddess, reviving and fascinating until today, across the globe.

Our Brand Identity

Our logo

A rendition of Nut’s official hieroglyphic representation. It is the depiction of her famous bridge spanning across the skies, connecting the stars with the earth, which she was protecting.

Underneath her with the astrological symbol-element of earth,  NUiT App embraces and establishes its official trademark.

Our mission

To bring to you with the cosmic wisdom of the Universe,  guiding you into a better self understanding & more meaningful connections.

Through our algorithm we translate your birth details, into your unique cosmic personality traits.

Through our Natal Chart Synastry we empower you with the tools to discover your new cosmic partners, friends & romantic companions… To find your perfect match!


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Message from the NUiT App Team

“NUiT App aims to be the one which will put a new face to astrological matching and how people perceive astrology, from a fortune telling – pseudoscience method to a method backed up by numbers.

We intend to bring people together through the study of the stars, which has long provided guidance &  direction to explorers, connecting places and people together.

The stars are the maps of the skies, the road maps of earth, and the life maps of people.

Come and join NUiT App, the guide to the new explorer.”