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May we all feel free to roam and celebrate! Let’s have a look at these unique Sagittarius traits that make them so inspiring and irresistible…

Sagittarius looks at life like a magnificent quest, where they journey in order to seek the elusive “Truth.” Now, this “Truth” they seek may be a personal value system, a spirituality, an ideal, an intellectual pursuit. But no matter the Sagittarius, they won’t stop expanding and learning until they find it. Sagittarius craves the kind of knowledge that is found in DOING. That is,  in traveling, in taking classes, in debating, in LIVING. They won’t rest until they’ve found a “truth” that invigorates them. Many Sagittarians land in academia, in churches, in foreign countries searching for this higher purpose. 


Sagittarius Season
Sagittarius Season


With Jupiter as their ruling planet, Sagittarius traits form a larger than life personalities. Just being around a Sagittarius will get you excited about the future, the possibilities and how to squeeze the most out of life! They are bluntly honest, which makes for a hilarious person to spend time with OR an awkward pause when they blurt out how they REALLY feel about your new significant other. Sagittarians can often be so excited about the expansion and their big-picture thinking that they forget moderation and details. This optimistic sign is prone to focusing on the vision of it all and glossing over the little steps that make it happen.  Nevertheless, Sagittarius is one of the most fun-loving, enthusiastic signs, with a love for life that is contagious for all who is around them.


Sagittarius Traits: Their Love Language


Sagittarius has an insatiable thirst for adventure, so when they’ve fallen for you, they’ll ask for you to tag along for the trip! You’ll know you’ve got that archer wrapped around your finger when:

  • they’re asking you to go to Bali or
  • check out that Indian restaurant around the corner or
  • to try axe throwing with them. 

Their love language is shared experiences, so strap in your seatbelts for a trip around the globe or a trip to the new kundalini yoga studio. Say Yes!



Sagittarius Season
Sagittarius Season


As a fiery mutable sign, this sign does resist any sense of consistency, so they often get a reputation for being non-commital. It’s almost as though they have this whisper in their ear – I’ve got to be free. If you try to box them in, they’ll likely run away.

Sagittarius has a bit of escapist at heart. Allow them to have their own world, respect their need for freedom, say yes when they invite you along for an adventure and you’ll be in for once-in-a-lifetime experiences by their side. Get excited and dream with them! This visionary sign loves to ponder the possibilities of life.


Sagittarius Gift Ideas


  • Pitch in for an Airbnb gift card – your Sagittarius is itching for a getaway! 
  • Plan a party at that exotic new restaurant that just opened up in town.
  • Get your Sagittarius a world map to put on their map, where they can put up pins to mark all of the places they’ve been.
  • Give them supplies to make a vision board – Sagittarius is all about big-picture planning!
  • Purchase them a language learning app for their phone so they can work on their French while en route to work.


Join our astrology based community and welcome some Sagittarius (or perhaps, one?) in your life!



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