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The sun dives into the deep abyss of Scorpio season, and we begin to celebrate the season of the Scorpion. Scorpios naturally have a seductive, mysterious aura about them that just magnetize others to them effortlessly.  Scorpio doesn’t go surface level with anything – they either go deep to the crux of the issue or person or avoid it altogether! This sign is very polarizing, so they can be the most devoted of friends or the worst of enemies. They tend not to be lukewarm on anything – you’ll know where you stand with these intense scorpions. When a Scorpio is on the “love” spectrum of the love / hate for you, they are one of the most loyal of the zodiac signs. They will defend you fiercely and keep you safe within their hearts.

But no matter how much you know your Scorpio, there are elements of them you will never fully know. This private water sign tends to drape at least some aspect of their life in secrecy, as they can be paranoid about people knowing too much about them. They associate vulnerability with weakness, so they can wear a tough, mysterious facade until they trust you enough to let their guard down. This tough shell is really just to cover up their kind hearts, deep emotions and harbored fears of betrayal. However, if you cross them, beware – these scorpions have a stinger and a Scorpio will NEVER forget a transgression. As a fixed sign, Scorpio can be relentlessly stubborn on their stance on an issue and not be willing to compromise even a little bit. Their tenacity is a strong suit about this sign. As the sign of rebirth, Scorpio’s are perpetually reinventing themselves and because of it, they realize their strength. They are the phoenix, rising from the ashes of their previous self and forever evolving to be stronger, wiser and more resilient. 

Scorpio Love Language

Scorpios will woo you with their dedicated devotion to you. They will want to know and discover every crevice of your being. They look to truly merge with their partner and get to know them, down to a spiritual level. They may not grant you the same level of intimacy – they tend to be rather private. This may feel frustrating to be so dissected while simultaneously feeling your lover keeping secrets from you, but it’s essential for Scorpios to have their sacred space. However, you don’t need to worry about them stepping out on you – pouring themselves fully into one person is much more their vibe. They are devoted lovers, pouring their being into you and wanting to merge almost immediately.

Scorpios will show you they care by being devoted – showing how they seek to know every bit of your life then getting involved with it. They’ll take on tasks for you to lighten your load. When they go into relationships, they merge FULLY – taking on their partner’s problems on their own and expecting the same loyalty. They want to share lives, time, perhaps even money. They will value your privacy, but ensure you value theirs as well – these secretive scorpions DO NOT appreciate their business being out there!

Scorpio Gift Ideas

  • Buy your Scorpio a ticket for a murder mystery dinner show – the drama and the investigation will pique their interest!
  • Gift your Scorpio some sunglasses so they can be as secretive as their heart desires
  • Secure a gift certificate for a palm reading, astrology or psychic reading – they’ll love getting to the depth of the issue at hand! 
  • Scorpios love to dive into the depths of an issue – buy them a book of the topic they’ve mentioned, so their investigative minds can get to the core of it
  • Gift an engraved journal for them to record their deepest, darkest secrets

Are you ready to dive into the mysterious world of a Scorpio? Then, download the app and find the perfect one for you!

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