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Zodiac Signs Holiday Celebrations!


🎵 Oh the weather outside is frightful, but each of the Zodiac Signs have their own way of making the holidays more delightful! 🎵


The Zodiac Signs during Holiday Season!
The Zodiac Signs during Holiday Season!


Here’s our thoughts to where you can find the Zodiac Signs this Holiday Season.


♈ Aries 

Where will you find Aries this Holiday Season? Likely being their impulsive, fun selves! Their childlike excitement is infectious, especially around this time of year!

Aries is not known for their patience. These Rams may get so carried away that they gift you your present a whole month ahead of time. They just can’t wait until day of!

They also may ruin the surprise for themselves by taking a peek at their presents under the tree – they can’t help it, they want it now!  


♉ Taurus 

Earthy, sensual Tauruses can be found in the kitchen during the Holidays, over the oven to cook something special for the feast. They’ll be baking the cookies, creating the gorgeous gingerbread houses, crafting a delicious Hot Toddy to sip around the fireplace…Anything to soothe your tummy and taste-buds!

To Taurus, these special holiday foods and beverages represent more than just a meal, but also symbolizes sustenance, comfort, joy, creativity, and happiness.


♊ Gemini 

Geminis thrive when they can be their social butterfly selves, so the Twins are more likely to be bouncing around from holiday party to holiday party! Your go-to +1 for your work party, Geminis make for a lively conversationalist with their witty banter and curious approach to getting to know new people.

They adore how the Holidays bring people together, so they be the fluttery selves they desire to be!


♋ Cancer 

Holidays are special to Cancers, as these Lunar beings have a connection to the past. They are incredibly nostalgic, so they may revere the Holiday traditions they had while growing up.

Homebodies as always, you can find your Crabs decorating their home in all of the seasonal decor. Their aim – to create an atmosphere so magical, as they remember it being during childhood.  


♌ Leo 

Leo, at their best, is one of the most generous Zodiac Signs. Lions are heart-centered and they can truly lose themselves in the spirit of giving, around this time of year. You may find your Leo using their marked creativity to craft gifts for their loved ones, or hitting the mall to share the fruits of their labor with those that they love.

They also use their creativity to sing in the choir, be a part of the holiday theatre show or any other holiday-related excuse to be in the spotlight!


♍ Virgo 

Virgo energy has a strong need to be of service. During the Holiday season, you may find your Virgo giving back to their Community. They may adopt a family, volunteer at a soup kitchen or organize a fundraiser.

To Virgo, the Holidays are a time to be grateful for all that you have and give back to those who may not be as fortunate!


♎ Libra

These Venus-ruled natives are most likely to get wrapped up in the aesthetics of the Holiday Seasons, as they adore Beauty.  Libras will be the one to pick out the most magnificent holiday tree in the lot.  They spend ample time decorating the tree with the most elaborate ornaments, illuminating the outside of their homes with lights so bright you can see it from space! And to debut their adorable new earmuffs while skating at the ice skating rink.

Librans want to both immerse themselves in the Beauty of the Holiday while adding it to themselves. 


♏ Scorpio 

Scorpions are intensely loyal to those that they love, so you are most likely to find your Scorpio out scouring the stores, to source the most thoughtful present for their intimate partners. 

Scorpions prefer having a smaller circle, as they go so deep with all of their connections.  Therefore,  the Holiday Season is an opportunity for them to celebrate with those they truly care for.


♐ Sagittarius 

Sagittarius has a larger than life approach to the Holidays. Sagittarians can’t help but do things BIG, so you can find them this Holiday Season throwing an epic party for all of their Friends.

Sagittarius loves the CELEBRATING aspect of the Holidays!

They’ll be most likely to be the one popping the champagne cork at your soiree, encouraging everyone to partake in the game of charades and using their humor to bring the fun! 


♑ Capricorn

Capricorn is incredibly practical and they can find the Holidays to be a bit of a waste of time. However, you are likely to find them organizing their work’s Holiday Party to ensure it’s up to their standards.

Additionally they’ll be putting together their friend group’s Secret Santa and planning the potluck with their family members. Capricorns do best when they’re in charge, even when they are off the clock.


♒ Aquarius 

Aquarians are the Individualists of the Zodiac, so you are most likely to find your Aquarian doing the exact OPPOSITE of what you’d expect. They may go against tradition by going out to the movies on Christmas day or eating sushi instead of the typical holiday fare.

Rebel as always, your Aquarius friend will be the one to remind you how commercialized the Holidays are!


♓ Pisces 

The Imaginative Fish are most likely to get carried away with the songs and movies associated with the Holiday Season. Tender-hearted Pisces love to feel swept up in a good piece of art…So, you may find them this Holiday Season snuggled up on the couch, misty-eyed at the ending of a heartfelt holiday movie or out caroling to share the songs that mean the most to them.

They also may use the season to connect deeper with their spirituality.  They could be found ppending time at a Church or another sacred site to remind themselves of their deeper connection to the Universe.


By the way, we have all the Signs gathered here -> at  NUiT App 😍 if you’d like to celebrate with a specific one! 😉


Have the most Magical Holidays! ⭐



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