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Uranus in astrology is the archetype of the innovator, the radical, the revolutionary. Even the planet itself reflects these quality – out of all the planets in our solar system, Uranus is the only planet that is tilted sideways! It’s as though it couldn’t bear to fit in with the only planets, it had to innovate! 

Uranus takes 84 years to travel completely around the sun and it changes signs every year. So reflecting upon your Uranus in Capricorn won’t be intensely personal traits to you – it’ll more so describe generational tendencies. However, houses are personal to you. So analyzing where Uranus is located in your house brings some information around where you crave freedom.



Uranus in 1st house of self, body and identity 

With Uranus in the 1st house of self and identity, you may have nightmares about fitting in. To you, life is about expressing yourself. You may do this via your look (pink hair, anyone?), your sense of style or just your overall way of going about life. You give people the unexpected and may be quite the rebel. Keep waving your freak flag high and breaking the mold! The world needs your individuality.

Uranus in 2nd house of money, resources and possessions

You may be subject to bouts of instability when it comes to your finances. You could be a freelancer, who gets 11k one month then $200 the next. Or perhaps you are a big spender, drawn to always having the newest version of the iPhone and emptying your account as a result. Uranus rules unpredictability but it could go either way – you are also destined to attract some unusual or unexpected income as well. 

Uranus in 3rd house of communication, skills and neighborhood 

The planet of radical eccentricity influences your 3rd house of messages, so you may be drawn to studying unusual topics. Your way of thinking may just be “different” than others, but rather than viewing it as a liability, see it if you can rebrand it as a strength of yours. Since third house also rules early schooling, you could have been seen as strange by your classmates. You may have an eccentric style when writing or painting.

Uranus in 4th House of home, family and emotional state 

The theme of Uranus is “expect the unexpected.” So with that unpredictability influencing your house governing home, you may have had an unusual childhood. You may have frequent moves as a child, moving from home to home, city to city. Your parents may have encouraged you to be free and gave you lots of freedom by which to roam. As a result, your conditioning has primed you to feel like your natural state of being should be this sense of perpetual changes. 

Uranus in 5th House of romance, entertainment and art

This sideways planet influences your 5th house, so you may be drawn to flings. You are drawn to unusual types and may be the type to say “Yes” to a whirlwind romance that disappears into thin air. You may have the tendency to run away when people try to cramp your freedom. You could be a creative and create truly unusual works. Since 5th house also rules children, your child may be unusual or remarkable in some way. 

Uranus in 6th House of day to day, health and exercise

With Uranus governing the house of daily affairs, you may struggle with sticking to a schedule. The 9-5 working schedule certainly doesn’t fit you – you may have random fits of energy and would do best working a job where you are able to set your own hours. You may work with technology or do your job around innovating in some way. With Uranus unpredictable energy influencing your 6th house of health, you may be drawn towards new age healing modalities or innovative new diets. 

Uranus in 7th House of relationships, business relationships and contracts

The houses that live within our 7th house personify the sort of people we are attracted to, so with the Uranus influence, you could be magnetized towards rebellious, independent or eccentric types. You could also crave freedom from typical relationship structure, being drawn to open relationships or something. At any rate, you crave a high degree of freedom in your interpersonal relationships and resent any person who tries to put you into a bubble. 

Uranus in 8th House of shared resources, death and sex

8th house is linked to inheritances, so you may attract more than was expected. Be mindful around the IRS, paying your taxes or lawsuits, as Uranus unpredictable way can bring about some instability in terms of your finances. 8th house is associated with the occult, so you may have psychic or intuitive gifts – downloads that hit you under the speed of lightning. 

Uranus in 9th House of foreign languages, higher education and learning 

It is vital for you to march to the beat of your own drum and find a philosophical style that suits your independence and freedom. You likely will rebel against any religious dogma or any outdated spirituality that no longer serves you. You are likely highly intelligent, but too rebellious to play by the rules of higher education – constantly challenging your professors and their ridiculous notions for homework. 

Uranus in 10th house of career, public persona and reputation

Your path may be remarkable or unusual in some regard – you may be viewed as a rebel at work or a revolutionary in some facet. Your path might be strange – you may be subject to sudden job changes or your job position may be unusual in some way, a position filled with travel. You may work with innovation or technology. You may have problems with authority, with Uranus reflecting its rebellious glow into your house of authority figures. 

Uranus in 11th house of friendships, groups, organizations,hopes and dreams

Uranus shines its erratic light into your circle of friends, so you may be attracted to the radicals and the innovators. To you, the people most inspiring to be around are those who are questioning society. Your goals or ideals may be radically different than those immediately around you. You strive for more and you crave for your generation to break the mold. 

Uranus in 12th house of subconscious processing, what’s hidden, self undoing

You may have an active dream life or be drawn to restless spurts. You have a laser sharp intuition that may hit you in lightning flash “A-HA!” moments. Your mind is unusual and you may get sudden downloads that solve the answers to your personal or work problems. Begin to develop a relationship with your subconscious processes, keep a dream journal and do the work to tune inward. You may vacillate between needing alone time and craving social time. 

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