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Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day this month and the mood gets a bit more romantic! When we talk about romance in astrology, we’re really talking about two planets in particular – Venus and Mars! 

Venus is the planet of Love, Beauty and Pleasure

Mars is the planet of Action, Assertion and Sexuality

When looking at yours or your crushes Venus and Mars placement, Venus describes WHAT they are attracted to. Mars describes HOW they pursue what they are attracted to.



In Synastry, we also want to ensure these two planets are talking to one another A LOT. Ideally, you’ll want you (or your partner’s) personal planets to make an aspect (preferably conjunctions, trines and sextiles) to either your partner’s (or yours, respectively) Venus or Mars. This ensures the heat is turned all the way in your union! 


VENUS – the Attractor


Venus is the “pleasure planet” so it describes what in life we are inherently drawn to or find beautiful. Venus will describe the aesthetic style they are drawn to or what they find pleasant in a lover. Venus is the key to their heart – seduce their Venus sign to seduce their heart!


Venus in Aries is drawn to the spirit of adventure

Perfect date night – a night of roller coasters at the amusement park


Venus in Taurus is allured by an appeal to the senses 

Perfect date night – a boujie dinner accompanied by a expertly paired bottle of wine and soft jazz music 


Venus in Gemini is magnetized by the gift of the gab

Perfect date night – a lively double date with debates and interesting conversation


Venus in Cancer is enticed by the depth of emotion

Perfect date night – a home-cooked dinner, followed by an evening of movies, popcorn and cuddling. 


Venus in Leo is seduced by creativity

Perfect date night – a wine and paint night where they can express themselves while having fun


Venus in Virgo is drawn by the pursuit of perfection

Perfect date night – a couple’s yoga class followed up by a healthy organic meal


Venus in Libra is seduced by the beauty of the world

Perfect date night – browsing through an art gallery, walking hand in hand


Venus in Scorpio is allured by the depth of intimacy

Perfect date night – intimate candlelit dinner with lots of intense eye contact and soft whispers


Venus in Sagittarius is thrilled by novelty and adventure

Perfect date night – Trying a new kind of foreign cuisine or going out for a themed bar crawl


Venus in Capricorn is enticed by groundedness and stability

Perfect date night –  crafting a joint vision board for your collective goals for the next year


Venus in Aquarius is lured by the weird in the world

Perfect date night – spontaneously going roller skating or playing laser tag


Venus in Pisces is drawn to the seduction of the soul

Perfect date night – stargazing with a cup of hot chocolate talking about the immensity of the universe


MARS – the Pursuer



Mars is the seduction planet so it describes how you or your crush MAKE your move once you’re intrigued. Mars in astrology describes the way we go about getting anything we want in life – so it’ll tell how they shoot their shots to the person that has stolen their hearts!


Mars in Aries will seduce you with their playfulness

Go-to wooing strategy – challenge you to a competitive game of arm wrestling


Mars in Taurus will seduce you with their sensuality 

Go-to wooing strategy – cook for you while burning candles 


Mars in Gemini will seduce you with their wit 

Go-to wooing strategy – debate with you on a topic flirtatiously 


Mars in Cancer will seduce you with their heartfelt nature

Go-to wooing strategy – write you a poem expressing their innermost feelings


Mars in Leo will seduce with their confidence

Go-to wooing strategy – boldly assert themselves and show you off around town 


Mars in Virgo will seduce you with their helpfulness

Go-to wooing strategy – offer to help you move


Mars in Libra will seduce you with their charm

Go-to wooing strategy – Flirt expertly and mirror to you exactly what is most attractive in a partner


Mars in Scorpio will seduce you with their passion

Go-to wooing strategy – share secrets with you to become more intimate 


Mars in Sagittarius will seduce you with their sense for adventure 

Go-to wooing strategy – take you somewhere totally new for an adventure


Mars in Capricorn seduces you with their groundedness 

Go-to wooing strategy – Buy you a beautiful, high-quality item


Mars in Aquarius seduces you with their unpredictability

Go-to wooing strategy – Keep you on your toes by mixing it up


Mars in Pisces seduces you with their other-worldliness 

Go-to wooing strategy – dream with you

Again, the best way to calculate your compatibility- beyond Venus and Mars placements- is to enter your birth details and our app will immediately give you your scores and isnights! And, yes you can do it, without them knowing you did!

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