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Venus is the planet that rules all things that we value and we pleasure – art, beauty, love, harmony, social graces.

So when you’re considering your love language, understanding your Venus sign, placement and aspects is your key to unlocking how you give love and how you receive it. 

Take a look at yours and your partner’s! (Check your free Birth Chart on the app and how to read it here)

Venus in Aries 

Shows love by being bold, childlike and fun

Feels loved by having their charms responded to

Aries is the archetype of the warrior, so there is an energy of conquest embedded in how they love and feel loved. Your Venus in Aries LOVES a chase, and since their energy is so focused upon conquest, if the challenge is too easy, they can lose interest. Your Venus in Aries lover will feel valued if you keep that flirty, light-hearted energy when talking with them, bantering as though they still have to win you over to keep that energy of the chase. Since Aries is the youngest energy in the zodiac, there’s childlike, flirty energy to how they express their affection, so join them in the fun. 

Venus in Taurus 

Shows love by making you feel safe and sensually indulged

Feels loved and valued by feeling cozy 

Taurus rules the senses – touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound – so Venus in Taurus finds their pleasure in the sensual world and having a partner to share them with. A Venus in Taurus lover will delight and feel loved by being snuggled up under a fuzzy blanket, with an exquisite bottle of wine and a delicious meal with tons of spices and textures with their lover. They are the most touchy, cuddly sign of the zodiac, so physical touch is a major love language for them. Make them feel sensually indulged and they’ll share the love right back by allowing you to feel safe, cozy and satiated. 

Venus in Gemini 

Shows love by sharing information with you

Feels loved by a handwritten note

Gemini rules the communicative, mental world, and Venus in Gemini natives have a strong love for, and appreciation for, language. They’ll thrive in romantic partnerships with lots of conversation, and truly appreciate handwritten notes, as words mean a lot to them. A Venus in Gemini lover will feel valued by someone who appreciates and indulges in their curiosity. These natives love learning new things from their partner, so share the interesting information you come across with your Venus in Gemini. They have busy, active minds so you can find pleasure with your Venus in Gemini partner when you undergo lots of activity that mentally stimulate them and make them ask questions.

Venus in Cancer

Shows love by nurturing

Feels loved by feeling safe

Cancer rules home, family and security, so your Venus in Cancer associates love with safety and vice versa. More than anything, Venus in Cancer wants to feel like their lover’s arms are their home base, their sanctuary away from the rest of the world. You can make your Venus in Cancer feel loved by reiterating to them how safe and secure they are with you. They’ll want lots of cozy nights in and lots of cuddles. They’ll show you how much they appreciate you by being nurturing. Cancers are tender-hearted folks, so they’ll be a compassionate shoulder to lean on, an open ear to listen and a doting lover, tending to your every need. If they feel loved and safe with you, they’ll be home wrapped up in a human body.

Venus in Leo

Shows love by being generous 

Feels loved and valued by positive attention

Leo is a heart-centered energy, so a Venus in Leo will be very bold and passionate about their affections towards who they care about. Leo is a generous energy, so they’ll likely show you how much they care with gifts, picking up the tab for dinner, sharing what they have with you. Since Leo also rules pride, these lions will need their manes stroked to feel appreciated and loved. Give your Venus in Leo partners tons of compliments on how special and unique they are. Let them show you off around town – these lions love attention and will want to be seen with you if they care about you!

Venus in Virgo 

Shows love by being helpful

Feels loved and valued by the appreciation of their helpfulness or service

It is a Virgo need to feel helpful. A Venus in Virgo will show how much they love someone by being of service, as it is encoded within them to be as helpful as possible. They’ll go out of their way to fill up your gas tank, fold your laundry or lend you their truck when you’re moving. However, make sure you say thank you and make them feel appreciated for their effort, as a Virgo left unappreciated can easily slip into martyrdom or bitterness. Let your Venus in Virgo help you with your tasks, go to them with advice, then make sure you express how thankful you are for them!

Venus in Libra

Shows love by spending time with you

Feels loved by building an equanimous, harmonious relationship

Libra is the sign of relationships, so Venus in Libra natives find a lot of joy and pleasure being in a relationship. As the scales of the zodiac, they can feel unbalanced if they don’t have a mate to share their lives and experiences with. They live for romance, so plan cutesy dates – picnics in the park, drive-in movies, love letters – it’ll be SO appreciated! Venus in Libra rules harmony, cooperation and compromise, so they’ll be a gentle, kind, peaceful lover. You can make your Venus in Libra native feel loved by keeping the peace and prioritizing harmony in your union. Libra is concerned with keeping things nice and pretty, so try to keep your tone gentle with them and always keep the external view of your relationship looking harmonious. 

Venus in Scorpio 

Shows love by letting you into their inner world

Feels loved and valued with intimacy and exclusivity 

Scorpio energy doesn’t do anything surface level – they go deep or not at all. Your Venus in Scorpio may seem incredibly guarded at first, but it’s because they feel so vulnerable raw. Once you earn their trust by being dedicated and honest with them, they’ll let you into the depths of their emotions. This is how they show their love. Go as deep with you as they go with you, keep their secrets and make sure they know how loyal you are towards them and you’ll make your scorpion feel exceptionally appreciated.

Venus in Sagittarius 

Shows love by having new experiences with you

Feels loved by being prompted to grow

Sagittarius is the perpetual explorer of the zodiac, so they have a deep love for exploring new places and trying new things. They detest anything stagnant, so you can make your Sagittarius feel loved by encouraging their curiosity and zest for life. They’ll show you they care by wanting you to be part of their wild world – taking you to the new restaurant opening, surprising you with flamenco dancing lessons or inviting you to take a backpacking journey with them through Bali. Say yes, with arms wide open – Venus in Sagittarius is looking for an adventure buddy and a lover all rolled up into one. 

Venus in Capricorn 

Shows love by taking care of you

Feels loved by having a dependable, stable partner

Capricorn has sky-high standards, and with their ruler, Saturn, ruling time, they are more than happy to wait until a partner of quality comes along. Once you get their attention, you can keep their affection by being an individual of dignity and respect. Capricorn isn’t interested in what it is flashy or over-the-top – they prioritize rational, grounded unions with individuals they have respect for. They are interested in spending time with romantic partners who are honest, forthright and dependable. As an Earth sign, they are rock solid within their own energy and want someone that they can equally count on. They will take care of you, being an amazing provider and being exceptionally committed. 

Venus in Aquarius 

Shows love by making you laugh, being a good friend to you

Feels loved  by having their quirks appreciated

Aquarius is the sign of friendship, so friendship is a major love language of an Aquarius. As an air sign Venus, they truly value having an interpersonal relationship with someone in which they can have a strong communicative relationship. They truly want someone to “kick it with,” to discuss wild conspiracy theories, to talk about whether or not aliens exist. Aquarius is all about being quirky and different, so you can make your Venus in Aquarius feel appreciated by honoring all parts of them, especially the weird or out of the ordinary. They want someone they can be totally at ease with, a best friend and a lover in one, so they can allow their freak flag to fly. 

Venus in Pisces

Shows love by letting you into their dream world

Feels loved by being emotionally supported

Your Venus in Pisces lover will be incredibly sensitive and live halftime in a world of their own creation. You can make your Venus in Pisces partner feel loved by emotionally supporting them, as their compassionate, vulnerable hearts can be utterly devastated by even the smallest of transgressions. Be a safe harbor for these fish to swim in, an anchor for their dream world, and they’ll love you forever. They’ll show you their love by inviting you into their dream world, of art, of music, of daydreams. They’ll share their innermost dreams, take you to their secret garden and write a romantic poem for you. 

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