Virgo Traits- All you need to know about amazing Virgos

Happy birthday to the detailed, organized Virgos! Virgos are known for their helpful, service-oriented approach to life. They are the go-to people to help you out, not only because they have a need to be helpful, but because they’ll do the task right. These intelligent, capable folks are efficient and thorough, picking up on all of the little details others miss. They often take on too much, causing them to be even more restless and neurotic, but these busybodies have the capacity to rock the presentation at work, keep the house spotless, make it to Pilates AND remember to pick up a birthday card for their mom while making it all look easy. Their busy, Mercury-ruled minds do best when they have lots to juggle and they’ll amaze you with their efficiency, productivity, and attention to detail. 

This sign rules habits and Virgos can be quite obsessive. They tend to be very committed to what they show up for every single day – so you can find Virgos who have supportive habits and Virgos that have destructive habits, which can drastically affect how they come off to others. You’ll find Virgos who are meticulously clean just as often as you’ll find Virgos who are an absolute disaster. They can be very extreme, your Virgos, based on whichever habits rule their every day life. At their best, they are discriminating, helpful and kind. At their worst, they can be nitpicky, simply because their minds are wired to scan and look for improvements. They can tilt on the verge of neurotic, as their rapid minds are constantly moving at lightning speed. They are the sign ruling perfection, so they tend to expect it from themselves and any project they touch. They often get it, too. This self-sufficient, independent sign is accustomed to making things happen for themselves and getting the job done right.


Virgos rule service, so they show you they care by being as helpful as possible. It is their pleasure to run errands for you to show their appreciation – a Virgo in love could run to fill up your gas could gas, notice that you’re out of almond milk and pick some up at the market, pick up your dry cleaning for you. What’s amazing is that these Virgos do it without you having to ask them – it is truly their pleasure to serve, and their detail-oriented minds will notice helpful ways they can improve your life, as a method to show their love for you. These humble individuals likely aren’t impressed by romantic displays and won’t wow you with a romantic sweep – but they’ll always work to make your life easier and simpler. 

That is the other love language of the Virgo – improvement. Part of the journey of a Virgo is to learn the lesson of discernment, so they may show you their appreciation through criticism. It may come off as harsh, but realize that to a Virgo, they feel like they are giving you a gift. If they love you enough to offer you ways you can improve themselves, they really care about you. They love you enough to point out ways in life you could be settling and ways you could improve. Try not to take it harshly.


  • Pick out a planner for your Virgo so they can plan out their busy lives.
  • Grab a gift certificate for classes at a local yoga studio – your Virgo will love the opportunity to soothe their busy minds and take care of their bodies. 
  • Purchase a hydro flask so your health-oriented busybody loved one can hydrate while on the go.
  • Buy them new glass Tupperware set so they can save and organize their leftovers.
  • Your Virgo would love some essential oils to diffuse in their home!
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