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We are excited to welcome you to our NUiT Community!

Inspired by the ancient Nut (also known as Nu) of Egypt, Goddess of the stars and the sky, NUiT was created to bring a whole new experience and meaning in the field of dating/matching apps and Astrology.

Experience NUiT’s philosophy on a new beautifully designed mobile app, where modern technology pairs with ancient astrological knowledge to provide you with unique connections.

NUiT App is now available in Open Beta for both iOS and Android platforms.

As we have just launched our Open Beta stage some errors and mistakes might be present, nevertheless we are pushing our new updates very soon with a lot more exciting features constantly coming up!
We would appreciate your feedback, which will make NUiT even better.

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We hope NUiT enriches your life and empowers you to unfold and create the meaningful connections you have been longing for.

So “NUiT your matches!”

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