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Your 2020 Horoscopes are here! It’s going to be a very interesting Cosmic Year! Is it going to be an easy one? Well, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, the Eclipse and Retrogrades, won’t make it a walk in the park. BUT, it is the year the Universe challenges us to reinvent ourselves.


2020 Horoscopes


Read your 2020 Horoscopes Forecasts and start by letting go of whatever doesn’t serve you anymore. Seek for Renewal and work on Solidifying your Foundations and Strengthening your True Potential!

This is the year of Full motion GO on what needs to be Revolutionized in your Life, in your Community, in your World!



Aries, you’ve been feeling the pressure when it comes to your professional world. Saturn in Capricorn in your 10th house of Career has been squaring your Aries energy, making 2019 feel like all work, no play. We have good news for you though.

This intense pressure begins to ease off in 2020 and you’ll start to see the rewards of your uphill battle at work. Remember, Capricorn and Saturn energies reward discipline. Regardless if you feel like you’re been swimming up current to prove yourself in your field of work, 2020 has the payoffs you’ve been working on.

Right when your birthday falls, Saturn moves into Aquarius for a short stay, then revisits for its two-year migration at the end of the year. Aquarius, for you Rams, is your 11th house of friends, groups and organizations.

Saturn in the 11th house can be a bit an isolating influence in terms of your friend groups. Therefore,  expect to ride some waves of loneliness. You may have physically moved away, creating distance, or just growing apart due to different priorities.

This year presents an excellent opportunity to clean out the clutter in your friend group. Cut the dead weight. Ensure your communities support your hopes and dreams, and get you enthused about the future.  Rewards for these efforts in clarifying your communities will come in December 2020 onward.

You’ve been prioritizing your home life, and perhaps made some shifts these past years. These could be physically relocating your residence, spending more time with family or nurturing your emotional world.

Now that you’ve established this area of life, in 2020, the Nodes shift to Gemini and Sagittarius. Those will be suggesting a shift towards embracing curiosity and being open to new ideas from your surroundings. Additionally,  letting go of ideological truths or the search for meaning in outside worlds.

You all have a love for being on the go, but see if this year, you can find inspiration in your own backyard.  Wherever you go, there you are…While you Aries are rather impulsive, know that an answer doesn’t always arrive in selling up your belongings and moving to Bali!

Expect some frustrations from September 9th – November 14th. This is when your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde in your sign.  Not a good time to make decisions or handle conflict. You’re likely to fly off the rail!

You may expect a surprising lack of energy, but the best way to channel your rage is into an aggressive workout or something physical.


Aries, this year is about recalibrating priorities. Rather than jumping into something new, your work this upcoming year is about solidifying the world you’ve been building.

Wrap up your career projects and enjoy some much-deserved prestige. Allow yourself to be curious about your immediate surroundings and get picky about the groups with whom you share your energy.

Channel that Aries enthusiasm we all adore to share your message! And share it loudly!


Bulls, you’ve been doing some work around your belief systems and your education. That work reaches a peak come January 12th with the Saturn conjunct Pluto. You may have some shakeup around what it is that you believe, or getting your documentation in place for some upcoming travel.

The work shifts away from the Capricorn sector of your chart to Aquarius. It squares your Sun so it may feel a bit heavy, especially at first. Embrace this work. Saturn rewards discipline, and here you have an opportunity:  to really lay down the groundwork for success and recognition in your career. It’s not going to be easy but put down the foundation towards the beginning of the year, to earn some rewards in 2021.

Be patient!  Saturn is about working slow and steady, making the effort and the sacrifices if necessary.

Taurus, you are all about sensual pleasures and acquiring the money necessary to indulge yourself in the luxury you crave. Your ruling planet, Venus will be retrograde in 2020 from May 13 – June 25.

Save your money prior, as this transit could result in pesky bills from the past, you thought you paid. Reemerging or unexpected expenses might also come up. You might be inspired to rework your budgeting plans to ensure you’re investing and saving accordingly.

With the North Node shifting into the sector of finances this year, this is a big chance for you to get your coin up.

Pencil in some extra self-care and alone time September 9 – November 14th. With Mars retrograde in your 12th, you may feel exhausted and not know why!


Taurus, you all are no stranger to hard work, and 2020 for you looks like quite a bit of it! You may feel like 2020 is all work, no reward, but keep moving in that steady way you Bulls do! Recognition will come the last month of the year and beyond.

Prioritize your finances. You luxurious Venusians do adore some cashmere and silk but ensure that you are accommodating for today AND tomorrow.

How can you save for your future? How can you budget to ensure you have enough resources for your dreams? This is the year to get real with yourself and your bank accounts.


In 2020, the spotlight is shifting onto you Gemini, the only question is if you’re ready for it!

North Node shifts into Gemini, and it can be a ravenous influence. Fame, popularity or recognition even more intensely, whether it’s on Instagram, at the board meeting or on your soccer team, are among the things you may be craving!

You social Twins are all about connection but nevertheless, with South Node moving into your 7th house of other people, you may find you are best off doing things solo. You might feel you can’t depend on people as you wish you could and that more and more people are letting you down. Be open to letting go of romantic partners or business partners that no longer serve you. This is a year where the only person you can truly count on is yourself. But you’re gifted with such a superpower that you’ll be able to do things ten times more than if you partnered with someone else on it. Embrace this opportunity to learn about your own independence and resourcefulness.

You may experience a review of your friend groups in general during Mars Retrograde in Aries (9th September-14th November), as this planet of action will be moving backwards through your sector of your chart ruling friendships. Have they been supporting your newly empowered state of mind? If so, keep ‘em around. If they’re been catty or competitive, give yourself permission to create distance to focus on your own projects.

Venus will be retrograde in your sign, from May 13 – June 25th, so you may feel its influence more intensely! You may feel inspired to rethink your wardrobe, redesign your Instagram aesthetic or review your finances. A good rule of thumb of retrogrades is to use the energy INTERNALLY – rather than take action, stay introspective about these realms of your life. Perhaps flesh out that memoir idea from your past, journal about your dream makeover or talk over with your friend your fitness goals.

Mercurial gems, other important dates to note is when your ruling planet is retrograde. Mercury is retrograde February 18 – March 9, 2020 in water-sign Pisces, ends in air-sign Aquarius, June 17 – July 12, 2020 in water-sign Cancer and October 13 – November 3, 2020 in water-sign Scorpio, ends in air-sign Libra. During these transits, you can expect to experience a review of your emotional world. Work around them for important contracts or meetings!

Saturn, the planet of discipline and karma, begins its journey through your 9th house of travel and spirituality this year. It could feel heavying at first. Get your travel documents in order towards the beginning of the year so when lucky Jupiter enters this sector of your chart come December 2020, you can start your 2021 in Bora Bora!


This year is a highly visible, independent year for you. Do things for yourself and for no one else and make your world supportive of your dreams. This is a year to live from the inside out – clarifying what it is YOU want and INFORMING the world around you accordingly. Let go of people who do not support you in these pursuits. Your dreams are greater than the people who hold you back from them.



Crabs, you all tend to be sensitive, internal individuals and this year didn’t allow for any of that internal space you all thrive in! You may have felt thrust into the limelight with North Node transiting your sign, for better and for worse.

With the enormous pressure placed on your 7th house, you may find the beginning portion of 2020 still marked with heaviness placed on your relationship life.

You may have found you had to make decisions to put yourself first or go at it solo. Remember, Cancer… As nurturing and caring as you all are, it is always better to be by yourself than be around people who are taking advantage of you.

Saturn enters Aquarius this year, which for you, impacts your 8th house of shared resources. You may find this year you don’t feel the moral, emotional or financial support from others you’re expecting.

Put down the groundwork early towards establishing boundaries of your intimacy. Jupiter and Saturn meet up at the end of the year, and you could receive some payoffs from your efforts.

Your partner may get a raise at work or you could receive a favorable decision in a legal case.

Venus will be retrograde within your 12th house in spring 2020, so you may not be feeling very lovable. It’s a beautiful time to reflect on what it is you want from love. Additionally, what it is subconsciously that brings you pleasure or joy.

These themes will be exaggerated from 2020 onward. As the North Node of the Moon moves into this sector, taking the focus away from your external world and into the realm of what’s beneath the surface.

Pencil in some time for soul searching, crabs!


This year will be a finalizing of the work you’ve done on prioritizing yourself and soul searching about what you truly want; Beneath the surface.

Rather than emerge from the other side feeling jaded, like you can’t trust anyone, think of it as viable lessons about who is deserving of your compassion and who is not.

You may feel more prompted to spend more time alone this year. This mainly, to rebuild your subconscious world and make it truly supportive of you. Move with the phases, you lunar beings.


Leo, this year you have a lot of lessons in store, most of which involve other people. With your North Node in the 12th house transit, you’ve been doing a lot of deep inner work, on what it is you truly want.

You may be tempted to settle this year, but 2020 urges you not to. Saturn in Aquarius (your sector of chart ruling other people) is about having patience to hold out for that which truly meets your standards.

Make a list of your ideal romantic partner or business partner. Stay curious to unexpected places they could pop up. And do not take anything less than that.

Leo, it’s wise for you all to pay attention to your health. You’ve had a heavy past few years, of learning about the boundaries of your own resources. Physical, mental, time. Your bright light has been somewhat extinguished by exhaustion or a lack of interest in your typical world.

The energy shifts in 2020 and you’ll be feeling more open to being inspired by the communities around you. Say YES to that book club, the soccer team, the business networking mixer. This year is an abundant opportunity for you to get your name and face out there.

Talk to them about what you’re doing! You never know how your influence could burn like wildfire and connect you with EXACTLY who you need to talk to. The Gemini influence in your 11th house urges you to stay curious. Stay open, ask questions!


Our generous, heart-centered Lions, life has been heavy as of late.

Errands and tasks have littered your planners leaving you unable to be the life of the party you crave to be. 2020 is about getting your name and face out there and being SEEN!

You could enter a significant new partnership, romantic or business, if you’re open to commitment. Don’t settle, Leo! Take the soul searching you’ve done these years to ensure you’re attracting what you want in a mate or business partner. Stay social and out on the town, in your pursuit of finding them!


Virgos, the year kicks off with the two intense planets of the zodiac meeting up in your 5th house of romance, entertainment, and fun.

This eclipse story has been building up in this sector, clearing down the clutter that’s been building. You may have experienced some changes in your romantic world to build a stronger, committed union.

Perhaps you turn one of your hobbies into an avenue to make money and experience more pressure and less fun in it as a result. However, with these sacrifices, come major payoffs. Put down the foundation for turning your dreams into reality, whether it’s a creative project, a business pursuit or a romance of a lifetime.

The pressure in this “fun” sector of your chart lessens when Saturn enters Aquarius (between 22nd March and 1st July, then starting 17th December).

For you, Virgo, this is your 6th house. You busybodies always cram your to-do lists and planners, but expect this energy to only increase. Regardless,  you all can take the pressure! Go the extra mile, pencil out your daily tasks in detail, pay attention to your health. This transit is about working to understand how the details of your daily life contribute to the overall whole. Saturn rewards discipline. Therefore, be a stickler about making your daily reality reflective of your values, goals and priorities.

You may experience some slowdowns or a connection of people from your past or review your career decisions. This will be in Spring 2020, with Venus retrograde in your 10th house of career. There are some questions to ask yourself.

Are you feeling mentally stimulated at your realm of work? Do you feel valued for your efforts? Do you wish to pursue another one of your skills, you haven’t accessed in a while? These are all up for review.

North Node moves into your 10th house this year Virgos, drawing your attention to your working world. It won’t be an easy journey, but this transit triggers a ravenous hunger for the house it impacts. Expect your ambition to increase tenfold. Put yourself out there, shoot your shot professionally, launch your business. Be SEEN – it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

Mercurial loves, other important dates to note is when your ruling planet is retrograde. Mercury is retrograde February 18 – March 9, 2020 in water-sign Pisces. It ends in air-sign Aquarius. Then, on June 17 – July 12, 2020 in water-sign Cancer. Lastly, on October 13 – November 3, 2020 in water-sign Scorpio. It ends in air-sign Libra. Be extra careful about these dates about double checking travel plans and business meetings.


Your detailed, conscientious selves thrive when you’re busy. This year expect your business calendar to be filled up and for you to bite off more than you can chew.

Hey, to be forewarned, is to be forearmed, right? Besides, Virgos, 2020 is a year for you to lay down the foundation that will last a LIFETIME in that creative pursuit or business you want to be known for. Work now to enjoy the perks later!


You balanced Libras are always trying to keep the peace. You’ve been putting tons of effort into keeping your family unit, your living situation and your internal world together.

The pressures apexes in the beginning of 2020 but backs off after that. With STRENGTH that is, as its farewell gift. Saturn is a difficult energy, but it teaches you how to put in the effort to build a lasting foundation.

So, whether you were working on building a family unit, renovating your home or gaining strength in your internal world, expect the reward to come in 2020.

You balanced Libras have been doing so much work to handle the pressures of work and home. While handling all this stress in your inner world, you may have felt thrust into the limelight when it comes to your professional world. This under the influence of North Node in Cancer transiting your 10th house of Career. This year, the priority begins to shift into your mindset of the world. Additionally, of the vision you have for your life and how you wish for it to expand.

Our balanced Scales, you may develop a voracious appetite for expansion in 2020. Pencilling in your planner with that trip to Bali, that ballet dancing class, that online course you’ve been eyeing!

Your ruler, Venus, is retrograde in your fellow air sign Gemini from May 13th to July 25th. You may remember that dream you had from your past. Remember when you dreamed of seeing the pyramids in real life? Taking that class?

Spring 2020 brings an opportunity to review the dreams you had from the past to see if they still tug on your heart strings the same way. If so, North Node in Gemini expanding this sector gives you full permission to GO FOR IT (once your ruling planet is direct, that is!)

This is the year of YES, scales!

And the year of creativity as well!  At the end of the year, Jupiter enters your 5th house. Think, party time! It’ll mark a year of embracing creation, entertainment, and FUN with your fellow humans.

You’ve been working so hard at home and work, now it’s time to reconnect with what excites you about life.

You always try to keep the peace but expect to ruffle some feathers come fall.  With Mars retrograde in your 7th house, some squashed squabbles may rear their ugly heads once again. Use your signature skills of smoothing things over!


Life is about more than the mundane, Libras, and this year is about reconnecting with your curiosity. Be impulsive, dive in, reconnect with that lust for life! All that was (temporarily) dormant under the weight of other priorities in your life.



Our intense Scorpios, this year will test you, but solidify you. You Scorpions are no stranger to transformation and this year may prompt quite a bit of it. Expect a new journey in the realm of your innermost world. Perhaps an opportunity to lay down the foundation for what you want your family and emotional life to look like.

You may find your living or family situation gets more stressful this year but expect some lightening at the latter end. Put in the effort to pencil in time with your relatives, make those home improvements and do the INNER work.

Saturn in the 4th house can be a lonely, isolating influence. It’s a time to build your inner world to make it truly supportive of all that you are and all that you are transforming into.

Right about your birthday, you have a Mercury Retrograde within your sign. Take some time from October 13 – November 3 to be introspective.  Analyze, the self-improvement and changes you’ve made in your own life this year and how you can move forward even more authentically.

Your ruler is retrograde from September 9th – November 14th, dragging through the sector of your Chart ruling health and work. A time to be EXTRA careful about your body!  If you’ve been ignoring those aches and pains, it may be a wise time to review your health plans. Or you may experience squabbles from coworkers you thought you solved.


This year will not be easy, by any means. Lean into the work rather than shy away. You all are so gifted in diving into the depths of the human experience, allow this year to be no different.

Dive in and submerge yourself into your inner emotional abyss, family and home world. Make it supportive of who you are and who you are transforming into. Speak your truth authentically.




Sagittarius, you’ve had a lot of pressure put on your financial world. You may have found the past years have been riddled with bigger bills, more financial responsibility and less brightness in your financial future.

What Saturn does is teach patience and discipline, so you free-spirited Sagittarius may have been investing in a pricey investment that made you trim up your budget or start working towards your financial goals.

Your hard work will be rewarded this year monetarily with perhaps a raise. Now it moves into your sector of Communication, so you may need to put in the work towards a certification or skill in order to boost your income. Additionally, work on getting your marketing / sales channel up.

Look out for exes or past business partners who may reemerge during Venus retrograde in Gemini – perhaps many of them, with Gemini’s duplicitous, mischievous energy! Rather than get involved, notice what these people say to you about you.

If there’s an old business partner or partner that has a seed of opportunity, look out for that! It may be a theme with the upcoming North Node in the 7th house transit.

Depend on other people, work with other people, ask them for advice on your financial situation, be open to depending on others.

Not to mention, Mars in the 5th house – both exes may come back. End of the year, you may bring about some old flames to see if the passion is both.

The years closes out with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the 3rd house where you may put your money where your mouth is and officially commit.


This year feels like tons of options and a test of patience and priorities. Just because people or things look enticing doesn’t mean you have to chase them. And, committing yourself to your financial goals does not mean limiting your options for your future.


Capricorn, you all are SO strong! You’re nearing the end of completion of having Saturn, Pluto and South Node on your sign. You’ve got the work ethic to get through it all.

These transits were an opportunity to connect with your inner strength and acknowledge your resilience. From here, the pressure eases off of you and the microscope is pulled up to your finances.

With your Ruling Planet shifting into your 2nd house of money, you will draw your watchful, analytic eye to your investments and savings. Since Saturn does rule restriction, you could feel a bit strapped for cash. Perhaps a pricey new investment, like a home, or you get more serious about investing in your business. Either way, do it the Capricorn way – slow and steady, analyze risk vs reward, and go the tried and true method.

The eclipses move from yours and Cancer’s signs and start to impact Gemini and Sagittarius from here on out. Whew! You can expect a year of less transformations that these past couple of ones, which you absolutely deserve.

Gemini governs your 6th house of health and service, so you could be ravenously committed to your exercise routines, your work projects or a new pet.

You Cappys are no stranger to hard work, so it also could be a review of how you delegate your time to efficiently prioritize all your obligations.


This year is about finalizing all of the transformations that have been afoot and embracing the strength and resilience you’ve gained in the meantime. You’ve built a strong foundation, now construct the habits and routines that support it.


Aquarius, you’re in for a transformative year with your ruling planet entering your sign. Saturn moves into Saturn for a quick stay from March 22nd-July 1st, retrogrades into Capricorn then begins officially December 17.

While it is not an easy transit, it is a critical one. What’s essential is that you embrace the work, rather than run from it. This year may feel a bit heavier, with more obligations or commitments than ever before. But, that does not need to be a bad thing, my water bearers. Perhaps it’s pushing for that promotion then adjusting to the increased workload. Maybe it’s popping the question and committing officially to your relationship.

Wherever this commitment pops up in your life, fully dedicate yourself to it, as you’ll receive the payoffs for your efforts when Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the year.

You may have a reemergence of an old flame in spring time, with Venus, the planet of love, retrograde in your 5th house of romance.

The Gemini energy of this retrograde encourages you to stay OPEN  communicative with them and see what they have to teach you. But if we don’t move forward…we decline. So hear them out, but don’t allow it to hold you back.

You could also experience this transit as remembering an art project or hobby you used to enjoy and picking it back up again. Saturn in your sign may be making you feel a bit more constricted, but keep pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and have fun.

Create, say “yes” to dates, watch movies that inspire you, pencil in your calendar for that concert. This North Node journey through your 5th house of romance and entertainment asks you to embrace your inner child, of giving yourself permission to have fun.

With Saturn going through your 12th house of solitude and subconscious processes these past few years, you’ve been feeling more like a loner, but you’re an Aquarius. You’re meant to feel connected to your fellow humans! Celebrate life this year.


Aquarius, you have an interesting year in store of balancing the juxtaposition of the expansion and the contraction. Balance your obligations and commit yourself fully towards what you’ve been working on.

Expect life to feel even busier and more and more things to be calling for your attention. Yet, in the midst, see how you can expand yourself beyond it!

Make sure you create time to connect with new people, try something new, create, immerse yourself in art!



Our dreamy Pisces, there is solitary energy about 2020, but your dreamy self is comfortable within the realm of your own imagination. You may start the year feeling a bit distant from your friend group, putting in work to transform or trim out the friends that no longer support the higher self you’re turning into. Be content within your own presence, fish, and keep your standards high.

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, transiting Capricorn this year, you may be feeling more inspired by turning your dreams into concrete, tangible businesses, and projects. Keep the bar high and encourage yourself to be in the efforts towards birthing your projects into reality.

This North Node in your 5th house of romance, entertainment and creativity cycle is wrapping up. Ensure it does so with some tangible proof of what you’ve created or been inspired by!

For your birthday this year, resist making elaborate plans and do what you do best Fish. Go with the flow!

Mercury heads backward a few days before your season begins and continues its retrograde journey until March 9. With Mercury starting its retrograde in your sign, you are especially prone to the frustrations and delays this go around.

With your Ruling Planet traversing through Capricorn in 2020, you may be feeling more inspired by the idea of putting your dreams into concrete ideals.

Your best bet is to work hard towards the beginning of 2020, using the Capricorn influence of turning your dreams into tangible things.  With Jupiter entering your 12th House (by the end of the year) you’ll be feeling more like yourself – spiritual and otherworldly. Dream, connect, submerge! Beginning of the year, your ideas become things and by the end of the year, your ideas stay ideas. But the benefit of being a Pisces is that your imaginations are so vivid, in your dream space your visions are JUST as vivid!

You may be prompted come May / June, you’re inspired to redesign your home or smooth things over from a past family squabble with Venus going retrograde in the sector of your chart ruling home and family.

This sector of life will become increasing of importance. As the Gemini North Node eclipses begin for you, to pay attention to your inner fishbowl so to speak.  You could be feeling a bit lonely this year, but never mind that, pay attention to your inner world. Make your inner emotional space a pleasant place to be.

Create your home to be the dreamy sanctuary you crave to feel refreshed from the intensity of the outside world. Build your family unit, or the friends that feel like family.


This year may feel a bit lonely but utilize your time to create. Get clear on what you truly want in your subconscious. Do the work to make your mind and soul a good place to be. Learn to be your best friend. Solitude isn’t isolation – use it as a creative, spiritual time.


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