NUiT App Astrology Match & Date - The Brand Story

“NUiT App's conceptualization was inspired & created from the story of Goddess Nut.”

NUiT was created to bring an entirely new lifestyle experience in the field of Dating / Matching apps & Astrology.

It was inspired by the science of the stars and ancient Nut (NUiTh) of Egypt. She was the Goddess of the Stars and the Sky. Her body was often depicted like a bridge expanding to connect the Earth with the Heavens & People with the Divine…

Nut was also considered the protector of the Earth. Therefore, on many hieroglyphics and ancient visual representations she was stretching her bridge like a shield over Geb – the God of the Earth, embracing him to safeguard him.

Our Brand empowers you to revive the legend of Nut through a “divine” experience. By combining ancient astrological knowledge with modern technology to provide you with unique connections.

Goddess Nut is one of the most famous Ambassadors of Astrology worldwide. Ruler of the Sky and the Cosmos, Protector of the Earth, mysterious, sophisticated, strong and prestigious.

Astronomy, the science of the stars and along with it most of astrology’s terms & interpretations have their birthplace in Greece, so are some of our Co-founders.

During the Hellenistic period in Egypt, Nut was worshipped. All the conquers and explorers who needed spiritual guidance, direction and inspiration, where looking up to her. Alexander the Great was one of the warmest supporters of Astrology and admirers of Nut at the same time. After leaving Egypt he is attributed to circulating that admiration for the Goddess to the rest of the global territories he conquered, from Europe to the far East.

The legend of the Goddess revives and fascinates until today, all over the Globe.

NUiT App Story

NUiT App Story - Brand Identity

Read how our official Brand ID and Trademark was born.

A rendition of Nut’s official hieroglyphic representation. It is the depiction of her famous bridge spanning across the skies, connecting the stars with the earth, which she was protecting.

Just like Nut, NUiT App uses a cosmic Bridge to connect people across the planet, through the wisdom of the Universe and Astrology.

Underneath her the astrological symbol-element of the Earth (Geb).

Inspired by this Union NUiT App at its core, embraces, establishes and empowers human connections.


The bridge of Nut connecting the Earth with the Universe.

The Aristotelian symbol of the element of Earth, associated to Astrology.

NUiT App Story

The bridge of Nut.

NUiT App Story

The Aristotelian symbol of the element of earth, associated to Astrology.


NUiT – from the names Nut or Nuith given to the Goddess. Furthermore, from the French word “nuit” – night.


Your perfect Match is written in the Stars! ©

NUiT your Matches!

NUiT App Story

To bring to you a high-quality Astrology Lifestyle & Social Platform, that guides you and empowers you to navigate to a deeper self-understanding & more meaningful connections.

Through our algorithm we translate your birth details, into your unique cosmic personality traits.

Through our Natal Chart Synastry we empower you with the tools to discover your new cosmic partners, friends & romantic companions… To find your potential perfect match!

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