NUiT App Astrology Match & Date Your Perfect Match is written in the Stars!

Do you believe in the power of the Universe? We do!

So we have created NUiT App, to bring to you the endless wisdom of the Universe, through Western Astrology

We believe that the universe is wise, that everything happens for a reason, that for all of us the perfect Match is out there.

We are meant to be together, as friends, teams, partners. Together makes the world go round and life go on. The universe wants it that way, for us to be happy. Because true “Happiness” is not just about looks, neither our App is.

We have developed a unique algorithm based on Natal Chart Synastry, that translates your birth details into your unique cosmic personality traits and provides you with the tools to explore and discover new partners, friends & romantic companions. To find your perfect match!

Looks will change over time, but true connections will surpass time! This is what our NUiT App is made for. Unveiling what was meant to be… What was already written in your Stars!

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Matching and Connecting people through Astrology & natal chart compatibility!

We believe in “together”, in the true connection that compatible personalities manifest.

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How it works

At NUiT App, modern technology pairs with ancient astrological knowledge. Compatibility scores & insights are based on Natal Charts, not just horoscopes!

We empower  you with the tools to discover & meet new like minded people and give you personalised astrological information for deeper self understanding.  We calculate your natal chart compatibility in different aspects with people you know- or get to know.

All you have to do, is to create your profile by filling in your birth details.

Your birth date details will allow us to find your… place in the stars and to instantly calculate for you, your Astrology placements & traits and your Astrological Compatibility based on your Natal Charts Synastry.

Our system has the insights to find, for you exclusively, the people that are more compatible for you, based on your preferences.  

Apart from Romance & Magnetism, NUiT App expands its matching algorithms by providing further insights into other astrological major focuses, like Business & Friendship. 

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  • Nuit Romance
  • Nuit Romance
  • Nuit Romance

Low scores are not a “no-go” for matching, but indications on which areas of your relationships you can act & work on, with tips to improve them.

As Natal Charts depict a very specific and one of a kind screenshot of your universal influences, our personality & compatibility insights based on them, can be very prospering.

  • Explore & reveal interesting people of any gender & orientation in your vicinity . Customize your search to any location around the world!
  • Find out your natal chart placements…Read your Birth Chart insights & how they influence you
  • Get valuable insights into the strengths of your natal chart compatibility with new people you discover or already know.
  • Check your synastry scores for Romance, Business, Friendship & Magnetism (Chemistry)
  • Astrological Forecasts: Get your daily horoscope & personalized daily astrology traits
  • Add and Share astrology & bio features to your profile
  • Match, Chat & Date with other NUiTers & build on the potential of your connection

So, NUiT your Matches!

Start Exploring – Create meaningful connections & let the Universe find the perfect match for you…

The Universe knows…Trust it!

Your perfect Match is written in the Stars!