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First and foremost, dear cosmic beings, congratulations on surviving and thriving throughout July! With Mercury retrograde and eclipses in the waters of Cancer, July was an emotional, turbulent time for many. AUGUST is the party after the whirlwind, so wipe your tears, buckle up your seatbelts, load up your calendar with social events, invite in more excitement into your life and let the good times roll!

August’s astrology is cast with a rose-colored glow, with radiant Sun and romantic Venus both kissing Jupiter with a trine aspect. The vibe shifts from being in our feels to being more optimistic, fun and enthusiastic. Channel bold lion energy to be larger than life this month – order the dessert! Ask your crush out on the date (calculate your compatibility in the app first, to know your strong points beforehand)! Take the dancing class! Say yes to the party! Life is for the living, after all. Let your heart guide the way – Leo is a heart-centered, passionate energy so allow what makes your heart race with excitement be your guide. Give yourself permission to let loose, have fun and follow your heart. What does your heart long for? Set those passionate intentions at the Leo new moon on the 1st of the month. With all of the Uranus aspects this month, you could be attracting some eccentric, unusual people or situations your way – stay open-minded and positive! Uranus is all about changing things up and since Mercury goes direct the first of the month, you’re being given the green light to initiate change and bring in some exciting NEWNESS in your life.

With some beneficial trines from the Sun and Venus in Leo to Chiron in Aries, we may find that in August we make significant strides towards healing our own self-esteem and OWNING who we are. The Sun and Venus conjunction on the 14th will ramp up your confidence, but be mindful of not being boastful, especially on the 16th, when Mercury squares Uranus and on the 21st, when Mercury trines Jupiter. Certainly, hype yourself up, just be mindful of not talking up too much of a game – let your actions show for themselves.

The Leo party begins to dim about halfway in the month, when Virgo energy creeps in, reminding us that life can’t just be one big party. Mars, Venus and the Sun enter Virgo in the latter half of the month. Virgo energy is like when the party of Leo season is over and now we have to take down the streamers, clean up the wrapping paper and wash the cupcake tray. Celebrate during the first half of the month, then tackle your to-do list and your health goals towards the end. August 24th Venus and Mars meet up in Virgo, which is an excellent time to get on your yoga mat, take a Pilates class or go for a run, as you’ll feel more motivated to celebrate your body’s health and honor its wellness. Virgo energy supports you in being extra nitpicky and detail-oriented, so you may find yourself taking a critical eye to your life, looking for areas of improvement. Be gentle with yourself, but also acknowledge that your dream life is built with the habits you do each and every day. Look around at how you spend your time, day in and day out, and take the critical Virgo eye to ask yourself – is this way of living my life going to get me to where I want to go? Am I functioning at my optimal levels? Do I drink enough water, eat enough nutritious food, get enough rest, exercise enough? The Virgo new moon at the end of the month is a beautiful time to launch your intentions regarding your habits, health and work into the cosmos if you find there are elements of your daily routine that can be improved.

August 1st: Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries

August 2nd: Venus in  Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

August 7th: Sun in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius (retrograde)

August 8th: Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Sagittarius (retrograde)

August 11th: Mercury enters Leo

August 11th: Jupiter goes direct at 14° Sagittarius

August 11th: Uranus goes retrograde at 6° Taurus

August 14th: Sun in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo

August 15th: Full Moon 22° Aquarius

August 15th: Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries

August 16th: Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus (retrograde)

August 17th: Mars enters Virgo

August 21st: Venus enters Virgo

August 21st: Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius

August 23rd: Sun enters Virgo

August 24th: Venus in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo

August 26th: Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus (retrograde)

August 28th: Mars in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus (retrograde)

August 29th: Mercury enters Virgo

August 30th: New Moon 6° Virgo

August 30th: Sun in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus (retrograde)

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