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Capricorn  Season Traits


♑ Capricorn Traits 

Capricorns have an innate sense of excellence and an amazing understanding of what it takes to bring anything to reality. Not only are Capricorns able to visualize the final product from the ground up, but they can break down their broad goals into a series of actionable steps.

From there, they have the discipline and work ethic to follow those steps and bring their visions into fruition. No wonder they get such a rep for being such natural leaders and managers! They know how to delegate and how to make things HAPPEN.


Capricorns are ruled by serious, austere Saturn which lends their sign quite a bit of restriction. They don’t mean to be pessimistic – they are just so grounded in reality that they can’t help but point out the loopholes they notice. Sometimes, Capricorn can forget to just let themselves dream or visualize things, even if it isn’t very practical.

They are builders, so they won’t hesitate in pointing out a quaky foundation or dismissing their dreams if they seem illogical.

With their ruler, Saturn, governing time, Capricorns are born with lots of pressure on themselves and seem to age backwards. They are more reserved and serious as kids, then more fun and youthful as they age. As methodological and practical as they are, you can count on your Capricorn to have a wry sense of humor, an air of authority about anything they say and a fantastic taste in furniture and clothes. They go for QUALITY and never skimp out. 


Capricorn Love Language


Capricorn Love Traits


Capricorns are very practical, so you won’t see them being swept up in a love-soaked frenzy. Their brand of love is grounded, but steadfast.

They tend to break down the world by understanding the return on their investment. They won’t invest much time and energy into you unless they see a long term future with you. As Saturn as their ruling planet, they take commitment seriously. They are looking to build, so their love language is talking, visualizing and planning for the future. If they are asking about your savings and about your goals, take it as a good sign.

An ideal partner for a Capricorn is someone that they can build with. 

Be mindful that when you date a Capricorn, you are dating their goals and their future self first and foremost.

You will come second to what they are building for themselves, however, this can be incredibly motivating. They’ll love you enough to want the best for you and your future self, straighten out your finances, keep you towards your fitness goals and working hard on your side project.

They want to see your (and their own potential) flushed out, and they will never settle for second best. They are extraordinarily patient, so Capricorns will wait until a partner comes around who reaches their sky hard standards. With their energy concentrated in an Earth sign and having Saturn as a ruler, you can guarantee any gift they give you will be luxurious and quality. Additionally, they may love sharing the fruits of their labor with you (after investing a good part of it, though!)


Capricorn Gift Ideas


  • Give your Capricorn a planner so they can organize all of their ideas, goals and plans
  • Capricorns have a difficult time giving themselves permission to take non-productive time off – give them permission (while tricking them into thinking it’s productive) with a self help book
  • Grant your Capricorn a yoga membership so they can give themselves some peace in the new year – it’s not easy having a Saturn / Pluto conjunction in your sign!
  • Your Capricorn would adore a fancy coffee mug so they can caffeinate all of their hard work – ensure it’s quality, your Capricorn will not enjoy anything less than!


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