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Did you know the likelihood of someone having the exact same natal chart as you is one in 10 billion?

But the odds of someone being a fellow Libra is 1/12. So, while just understanding what it means to be a Libra is a fantastic start, the deeper you go into understanding your natal chart, the more detailed, accurate and particular you get to know yourself. It can be overwhelming at first for an astrology newbie but break it down, step by step. 



Here are some tips for understanding YOUR unique natal chart:

  1. Start to study your “big 3”

Start with the “basic” view within your NUiT app. Your “Big 3” refers to your sun, your rising and your moon. Start with just these three when starting to expand your view beyond just your sun sign – consider how you process your emotions in a Libran way if you’re a Libra moon, or how you come off as a Sagittarius if your rising is Sagittarius. Read your horoscopes for all three energies as you begin to engage with them and understand what they reveal about you. 

  1. Understand your personal planets

Now that you understand your big 3, scroll down within NUiT and start to read your personal planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars. You may be a Libra, but you’re a Libra who has your Mercury in Virgo – so while your outward expression seeks harmony and beauty, you communicate in a precise, detailed way. Each of these layers unlocks a different aspect of you and gives you more detail to your chart. 

  1. Analyze your ruling planet

What planet corresponds to the sign of your rising sign (find the rising sign in the natal chart and refer ti the list below for your ruling planet)? 

Aries → ruled by Mars

Taurus → ruled by Venus

Gemini → ruled by Mercury 

Cancer → ruled by the Moon

Leo → ruled by the Sun

Virgo → ruled by Mercury

Libra → ruled by Venus

Scorpio → co-ruled by Mars (traditional)* and Pluto (modern)

Sagittarius → ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn → ruled by Saturn

Aquarius → co-ruled by Saturn (traditional)*and Uranus (modern)

Pisces → co-ruled by Jupiter (traditional)* and Neptune (modern)

*We recommend just considering the traditional rulers, but feel free to explore the modern rules, if you feel strongly connected to the archetype. 

Not only are you more sensitive to what this corresponding planet is doing in the cosmos, but this planet, where it is placed in your chart (more on that in Step Four!) and what aspects it is receiving (more on that in Step Five) sets a POWERFUL tone over your chart and how it expresses itself. For example, if you’re a Virgo rising, start to learn more about your ruling planet, Mercury. Look at where your natal Mercury is. Let’s say your natal Mercury is in Pisces with a conjunction to Jupiter in the 7th house. Study Pisces energy, study the 7th house and study the symbolism of Jupiter – these energies are crucial in the lens you view the world and the aura you project. 

  1. Time to consider HOUSES

Once you’ve grasped your personal planets and your ruling planet, you can begin to switch to houses. Don’t be scared! Switching to the “Advanced” view in NUiT may feel overwhelming if you don’t know what it all means. Think of this picture as a screenshot of the exact position all of the planets were clustered in the sky at the time. The slices of the pizza pie represent sectors of life. First just notice in your chart, which slices have the most toppings, or planets concentrated. Those are sectors of life in which your energy is concentrated. Notice where you have a lot of energy concentrated, and begin to research the house it corresponds to.

  1. Analyze the aspects 

Look at the lines – within the NUiT app, the blue lines are softer, or more harmonious, aspects. Red lines are a hard aspect – squares or oppositions. If two planets are gathered together, it indicates conjunction, or the energy of the planets are inherently blended. Look at which planets are talking to one another, or have lines connecting them. Are the lines blue or red?

Another way to look at your aspects is by clicking the “Aspects” tab next to “Placements” on your advanced Natal Chart setting in NUiT.

Here’s a key to the symbols

The two circles = opposition, there’s a back and forth, compromising nature between the two planets 

The circle with the line out the red side = conjunction, the energies of the planets are blended

The square = square, there’s a conflict or disagreement between these two planets

The star = sextile, these two planets are having a pleasant conversation and have an ability to work together within your chart

The triangle = trine, these two planets are loving one another and work together seamlessly for your benefit

Start to consider which planets of your chart are talking and what kind of conversation they’re having. Perhaps your planet of communication, Mercury, makes a square to the planet of action and assertion, Mars – you may have a sharp tongue or speak aggressively at times.  However, your Venus, planet of love and money, makes a trine to the planet of abundance and expansion, Jupiter – so romantic attention and money is not hard to come by for you!

Start to notice which planets are influencing one another and how they are working together or fighting with one another!

  1. Now look at the generational planets

When we move past Mars, the planets are much slower moving and thus, not too terribly indicative of you as a unique human being. Those born within the same year of you will share a Jupiter placement, those born within the same 8 years of you will have the same Uranus placement, etc. So you may really relate with the Pluto in Scorpio energy, but know you share that with about 10-20 years of individuals. So when looking at your Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto placements, consider the signs, sure, but also know that these more capture the essence of your generation. I would encourage you to investigate which house these slower moving celestial bodies are placed in your chart, since your houses are calculated based on the minute you incarnated here. 

  1. Look at the empty houses in your natal chart

Okay, you astro expert, you! Click on the “houses” tab next to “aspects” in the advanced settings within NUiT. Look at which house is ruled by which sign. If a house is empty within your chart, look to the planetary ruler of the sign which is on the cusp. For example, let’s say your 6th house is empty, but ruled by Aquarius. Follow Aquarius traditional ruler, Saturn, to extract more information about how you approach service, jobs, pets and health (sectors that the 6th house rules). Know that empty houses does not mean that sector of life will be empty for you – simply that the sign on the cusp takes on more ownership of the affairs of that house!

Part of the fun and joy of discovery of astrology is discovering these layers and what the symbolism means for yourself. Notice what comes up for you as you begin exploring the signs, houses and aspects within your cosmic makeup – how about getting a journal to write down the process as you uncover the layers of your natal chart! And, share your experiences or questions on our social media!

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