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Here comes Libra season and with it, it brings the onset of fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and spring equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a time of year when all around the globe, the hours are completely balanced – 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. What an appropriate way to begin the season that is all around balance!

Libra is represented by a scale ⚖, and they are constantly trying to find balance within their lives. They weigh out both sides of the issue at hand before arriving to any conclusion, making them brilliant negotiators. They can be very fair, using their marked interpersonal skills to genuinely hear out two conflicting parties and arrive to a fair compromise (after giving them ample time, of course!) This tendency to weigh out both sides of anything in life tends to make them quite indecisive. But once they arrive to a decision, it will likely be a fair and just one.

Just don’t pressure them to choose what to have for dinner.

Libras rule interpersonal relationships and they tend to do much of their growth reflected through the eyes of those around them. They tend to be magnets for relationships, preferring to be in one then be single. Since our Sun Sign describes how we identify ourselves, and Libra rules relationships, there can be a tendency for Librans to lose themselves in a relationship and merge fully with their partners, losing their unique self-expression. But, their people-oriented approach makes them brilliant communicators, business partners, and friends. They are sociable, likable beings, able to mirror those around them and persuade people with ease. They are flirty and tend to make people fall in love at the drop of a hat. These Venus-ruled sign love beauty, and they tend to be quite beautiful themselves!


As the sign of interpersonal relationships, Libras are all about love. They want to harmonize and keep the peace, so they will show you love by making sure that you are taken care of and happy. They may have a tendency to brush potential conflicts under the rug, but it’s only because, for them, happiness is peace within the union. That’s why when you ask them what they want to do for dinner, they may have a hard time deciding. They may be indecisive, but they also find their pleasure in making sure YOU are happy with the decision.

This Venus-ruled sign tends to love going above and beyond for their boyfriend or girlfriend – fancy dinners, elaborate gifts, romantic getaways. Theirs is a sign that lives for romance and sweet moments with their partner. Libras are flirty without even trying to be – it just oozes from them. Since Libra is an air sign, communication is also how they connect with their partners. Librans will show you their love by having long conversations with you, keeping the flirty romance alive and spending lots of time with you.


  • Libras are about quality time with the person they love – give your Libra a gift certificate to take their partner for a romantic dinner! 
  • If you’re dating a Libra, they would love it if you brought them flowers
  • Purchase your Libra perfume or cologne – this beautiful sign loves all things around them to be beautiful AND smell beatiful
  • These Venus-ruled natives love pampering – surprise your Libra with a spa day.

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