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Neptune is the elusive blind spot of the solar system, and its discovery is just as mysterious as what it symbolizes in astrology. The legend of Neptune is that Galileo discovered it in 1613, yet mistook it as a star. It was actually discovered in 1846, years later. How fitting for the planet that rules all things confusing and elusive!

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, the sign that rules the world beyond. Neptune is where we escape the mundane reality – we can escape through art, spirituality or dreams. This planet can easily tip into the deceptive side of escapism- we can likewise escape through alcohol, drugs or fantasy. 

Where Neptune is placed within our chart is a realm of life in which we are dreamy and idealistic. It’s our blind spot in our chart – where can be deceived and taken advantage of, fall victim to the “dream” of it all or be unable to find grounding, as it’s murky and confusing. Likewise, it’s a sector of life in which we can find spiritual illumination or inspiration in. Choice is yours! 

Neptune is retrograde in 2019 from June 21 – November 17, prompting an internal examination of the illusions we have. You may find the later half of the year rips those rose colored glasses off your face and forces you to acknowledge the stark reality of it all. Look at the house Pisces rules to get an idea of where this reality facing can occur. You may have to watch as a person, group or idea you placed on a pedestal tumbles its way down. 

Here are some examples based on chart for your natal Neptune placement:

1st house – With Neptune fogging up the 1st house of identity and appearance,  people may see you as an artistic, spiritual influence. You operate with an aura of mystery and glamour, and people may project things onto you. 

2nd house – Neptune here can make your finances seem murky and confusing. You act on intuition when it comes to financial moves, but can find yourself victim to all sorts of schemes, as you can over idealize finances. However, you can make money via spiritual or artistic pursuits. Connect with someone to handle your finances, as you may not see them clearly!

3rd house – This murky planet can complicate and idealize your immediate surroundings. Facts and details may not interest you – you prefer feeling swept away by your daily environment. You may find inspiration in your neighborhood or immediate surroundings. 

4th house – You may have a confusing relationship with your family. You could overidealize your childhood, or even have parts of it that you don’t remember whatsoever.  A parent could have been absent, addicted to drugs and alcohol or super religious. You may come from elusive roots – adoption, left the country you were born in, etc.

5th house – Neptune here influences your sector of children, entertainment and art. With Neptune, you seek to be taken away by art and you have a flair for the dramatic. You seek spiritual illumination through creating or experiencing art, and may have a dramatic love life that you secretly love obsessing over.  

6th house – With the Neptune fogging your 6th house of everyday affairs, errands and daily tasks. You can gloss over the details of every day life, have difficulties sticking to a schedule or be a hypochondriac, never quite sure what’s wrong with your health. You could find giving back to those around you be quite personally rewarding and you can find spiritual illumination through service. 

7th house – You wear your Neptunian rose-colored glasses in the realm of interpersonal relationships. You may feel as though your spiritual salvation lies in the pursuit of the “other” – the perfect soulmate. As a result, the people who approach you either don’t compare to this fantasy you have in your mind and you may result them. OR you live in a fantasy world, like they are what you envision and you put them on a pedestal, oblivious to the reality of the situation. Try to see people clearly.

8th house – Be mindful of shared finances. You could be taken advantage of by bad investments, joint financial endeavors and prenuptial agreements, as you have rose colored glasses with these pursuits. You also could have a fantasy around sexuality that does not compare with the reality, or find spiritual illumination through intimacy.

9th house – Neptune here is idealizing your vision for the world. You have strong, almost ungrounded faith in what you believe in, which is a beautiful thing. Know that you do have a tendency to get overzealous with your religious or spiritual beliefs. You may find spiritual illumination while traveling abroad. 

10th house – You could experience  confusion or fogginess concerning what your true path or calling is.  However, you are gifted in spiritually knowing where trends are going and what initiatives could really take off. You may overidealize what your career should be, and find the stark reality of working does not compare. You could be gifted in a spiritual or artistic career. 

11th house – You may allow your friends to get away with too much – with your rose-colored glasses, you could overidealize who you spend time with. You may be motivated by compassion for humanity and fighting for a humanitarian cause. 

12th house – Neptune is cozy as could be in its house it rules. You are gifted spiritually and may receive messages from the other side, through signs, symbols and dreams. You have strong intuition you should lean on. Be mindful of not escaping into your own dream world.

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