The new NUiT App Universe, available now on the App Stores!

Did you download our major NUiT App Astrology Dating update yet?

All you have asked for is here! We’ve made major changes in the app & now you have your Astrology Section & a page dedicated to your Connections!
We have simplified the app’s functions but enriched your profile & exploration options for you to enjoy even more meaningful connections…Check it out! 😉

What’s new?


  • A new “My NUiT” section where you can see, filter and manage all of your calculations in one place,
  • Calculate your Compatibility even with non-NUiT users or Add NUiTers via username
  • The My NUiT section is also the brand new home to your notifications.


  • We’ve added additional gender and orientation options so our app is more like our mentality – inclusive and accepting of all,
  • You can now build a much better presentation of yourself with our freshly expanded profile building options, including additional insights into what you’re looking for, your astrological knowledge and much more.


  • Your own astrological insights finally have their own home, like they deserve. See your Horoscope, Daily traits forecast and your Natal Chart Placements in their very own section of the app.


  • No more incoming requests from people outside of your exploration preferences. We have simplified our exploration mechanics & made them more intuitive.


  • NUiT has a fresh, new, shiny engine to run it smoother & faster.

Update & join now for a whole new experience!

Download NUiT App Astrology, Match & Date

Connect & meet new people you match with, through Astrology.
Natal Chart Compatibility & Placements /Daily Horoscope Forecasts.

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Why download NUiT?

  • Explore & reveal interesting people of any gender & orientation in your vicinity. Customize your search to any location around the world!
  • Find out your natal chart placements…Read your Birth Chart insights & how they influence you. These are tools & insights for a deeper self-understanding
  • Get valuable insights into the strengths of your natal chart compatibility with new people you discover or already know. At NUiT, compatibility scores are based on Natal Charts, not just horoscopes!
  • Check your synastry scores for Romance, Business, Friendship & Magnetism (Chemistry). Low scores are not a “no-go” for matching, but indications on which areas of your relationships you can act & work on, with tips to improve them.
  • Astrological Forecasts: Get your daily horoscope & personalized daily astrology traits
  • Add and Share astrology & bio features to your profile
  • Calculate your Compatibility even with non-NUiT users, friends outside of NUiT with whom you want to check your synastry & natal chart.
  • Match, Chat & Date with other NUiTers & build on the potential of your connection

NUiT App Astrology Dating – Connect don’t Swipe!


Download NUiT App now for free & start exploring.

Create meaningful connections & let the Universe guide you…
Your Perfect Match is written in the stars!


The Universe knows…Trust it!

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