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Happy birthday to the dreamiest individuals of the zodiac, the Pisces! Let’s dive into their world and get to understand the Pisces traits that make them so unique!


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisceans are forever bridging the gap between reality and fantasy. At their best, they use their vivid imaginations to remind the rest of the signs to dream big and to create magic. At their worst, they can tip too much towards the dream world and become delusional. It’s all about the delicate balance for these fish, on how to infuse life with their magical rose-colored glasses without losing contact of their feet on the ground. 


Pisces Traits


Fish are the only water animal in the zodiac without a shell – Cancer the crab and Scorpio the scorpion both have protective shells.



Fish just have their scales, so as a result, they are much more vulnerable and sensitive. Pisces at times can feel like they are not cut out for life like it’s too cutthroat for them. In time, Pisceans will learn their strength and how to protect themselves from the occasional cruelty of life. Not only do Pisces feel their own problems intensely, they take on all of the issues of those around them as well. It’s as though they have tattoos “I’m a good listener” on their foreheads, as strangers and friends alike find a shoulder to cry on within Pisces. Occasionally, Pisces can take it all personally and intensely, and allow their worlds to be muddied by the sob stories of others. However, once they get clear on boundaries, they can be the best they are – creatively gifted, kind nearly to a fault, intuitive and generous. 


Pisces Love Language

The planet of love, Venus, is exalted when visiting the sign of Pisces, so fish tend to be extremely romantic. They enjoy the process of being swept away and falling for a fish can feel like a real-life fairy tale. They want reality to feel as magical as their dream worlds, so they’ll treat you to enchanted evenings of art, of beauty, of sensual pleasures. Pisces are also incredibly sentimental, and they’ll remember your favorite color, your childhood memories, your sweetest times. 

Pisces is a sign that is associated with art, so a Pisces in love will write poems, compose songs, paint photos for their beloved. When they fall, they fall hard, and in their signature Piscean way, they can lose touch with reality as they do so. As a Pisces’ lover, they may not be entirely honest with you, since they are often too occupied in fantasy to be grounded in facts and figures. But, they have kind hearts and will sweep you away in a way that no other sign could, so enjoy the pleasure and dream of swimming in the ocean with your fish!


Pisces Gift Ideas

  • Pisces are incredibly sentimental, sometimes the sweetest thing you can do for them for their birthdays is writing a hand-written letter
  • Pisces is associated with photography – get a photo of theirs that they’ve taken or means a lot to them printed and framed 
  • Your fish are absolutely swept away by art – buy tickets to a museum gallery or purchase tickets to a concert!
  • Pisces’ modern ruler Neptune and traditional ruler Jupiter are known to go to excess and to adore pleasure – maybe purchase them a nice bottle of wine so they can escape reality for a bit! 


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