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When we talk about Aspects  in Astrology we are basically describing the “geometry” that is taking Place in our Birth Chart. The Relationships between the Planets. How our Planets and the rest of our Chart’s Placements interact with one another and what kind of Energies and Influences they release. How they can affect different parts of our lives, or behavioral traits accordingly, by the Angles shaped between them. Some Aspects are Beneficial and Harmonic, some are Dynamic and Challenging and others just Neutral.

On the other hand, when we refer to Planetary Transits to describe daily Astrological Events and Updates we still use similar terms to describe these, as the ones we use for “Aspects”.  The difference is that Transits, involve movement (Aspects not) and they basically describe the Planets’ Movement through the Zodiac (Signs).


Aspects Transits


Apart from your Birth Chart Advanced Section, you will also notice these terms in the NUiT App’s Horoscope Section. More specifically under the Cosmic Insight or the Astrological Push Notifications that provide updates on these Planetary Transits. You will often find that they include the words “Trine”, “Sextile”, “Conjunction” etc.


So, let’s start by Exploring and Explaining what these terms mean when Birth Chart Aspects or Planetary Transits are being discussed and take your Astrology knowledge to another level!


Look at your Birth Chart and Analyze the Aspects


Within the NUiT App and the Birth Chart Advanced Section, you will find your Astrology Chart Visualized. Look at the lines: 

The Blue Lines are softer, or more Harmonious, Aspects. Red Lines are Hard Aspects – Squares or Oppositions. If two Planets are gathered together, it indicates a Conjunction, or the Energies of the Planets are inherently Blended.

Look at which Planets are talking to one another, or have Lines connecting them. Are the lines Blue or Red?

Another way to look at your Aspects is by clicking the “Aspects” tab next to “Placements” on your Advanced Birth Chart Data table in NUiT.





Planets in Tune, Supportive, Beneficial


Planets Complementing one another, Productive


Planets in Polarity – Contrast 


Planets in Conflict, Tension 


Planets are Unified, Fusion of Energy



Let’s go a bit deeper now, to understand the “Symbols” that portray those Aspects and  highlight why / how they are Harmonious or not.

Harmonic Aspects

 Trine (120°)

These two Planets are loving one another and work together seamlessly for your benefit bringing luck, talents, and opportunities.

 Sextile (60°)

These two Planets are having a pleasant conversation and have the ability to collaborate well on ideas.  Easy flow of information and lack of friction.

Dynamic Aspects

☍ Opposition (180°)

The Planets in polarity. There’s a back and forth, creating deep tension leading to frustration, compromising nature between the two planets.

□ Square (90°)

There’s a conflict or disagreement between these two planets leading to irritation. Work hard and patiently to integrate.

Neutral Aspects

☌ Conjunction (0°)

The Planets’ energies are blended and intensify one another. Positive when planets get along (like Venus and Moon) but whenever they don’t, the vibes get negative.


Now that you know better, start to notice which Planets are influencing one another and how they are working together or fighting with one another!

Consider which Planets of your Chart are talking and what kind of Conversation they’re having. Perhaps your Planet of Communication, Mercury, makes a square to the Planet of action and Assertion, Mars. This might make you have a sharp tongue or speak aggressively at times.  However, your Venus, Planet of Love and Money, makes a Trine to the Planet of Abundance and Expansion, Jupiter. This means Romantic Attention and Money is not hard to come by for you!

We hope this post helped you understand more in depth about the Aspects of your Birth Chart and their interpretation and meaning, as you explore them in the Astrology Section of the App! If you still have questions, you can always send us a direct message on Instagram (stay tuned, by the way, we plan to have a Quiz on the Aspects, very soon!).

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